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World Architecture Community Professional Membership Benefits

World Architecture Community Professional Membership Benefits

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CTBUH 2016 brings all elite property owners, developers, architects, and infrastructure specialists together for the CTBUH 2016 Conference, which will be held in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong between 16-21 October, 2016. Specialists and architects will discuss Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat in Pearl River Delta and the World.

Regular rate registration is still valid until 31 August, 2016! Stay tuned for World Architecture Community's coverage of the event in the coming days!
reSITE releases Small Talks series

reSITE releases Small Talks series

reSITE hosted a prestigious event in June, with the theme of "Cities in Migration" and hosted dozens of experts and keynote speakers through its diverse conference program as well as a variety of side events for the general public – salon discussions, workshops, a bike ride, and a party. All took place alongside a 2-day international conference.

Now, reSITE, in collaboration with Canal 180, introduces very short interviews packed with inspiration and good vibe and reSITE shares global experts' network knowledge, ideas and stories with all city lovers and city makers. Ekim Tan, founder, game designer in Amsterdam, and Marcus Westbury, founder of the multi award winning Renew Newcastle and Renew Australia projects, are the guests of the third video series. World Architecture Community was associated to the event as a Media Partner.


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Mohsen Marizad Profile: Mohsen’s professional experience includes involvement in award winning offices in Tehran, extensive academic experience in Iran and Europe, and independent digital design and .


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