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After over 10 years serving the architecture community as a unique platform where architects, architecture students and academics meet, share and compete, World Architecture Community recently introduced the possibility to advertise on its platform. This is offered in 3 different formats:

World Architecture Materials

World Architecture Materials (WAM), provides enlisted manufacturers and services providers with the ability to list their materials, products and services for architects.

Please note that as a Building and Construction Materials and Products manufacturer or Service Provider, you may use all three formats listed above (i.e. WAM, standard advertisement and sponsored content) for more impact - in other words, they are not exclusive and may be combined. Please visit our World Architecture Materials section for more information.

Standard Advertisement

As part of its standard advertisement solutions, World Architecture Community offers 3 packs:

As each advertising pack has its benefits, a single pricing scheme applies to all three packs (Home Page, News and Projects). The media bookings are based on first come, first served basis. Please contact World Architecture Community for availability. Please see below for more information about each pack:

Home Page

Directly on the home page of World Architecture Community, right below the main “teaser” slider section, one before the Agenda boxes, and another after the Agenda boxes (both in orange below) for a wide banner advertisement. Each banner is sold separately but may also be sold together.

WAC home page totals about 300,000 pageviews1, mostly from professional architects from all around the globe, so a truly targeted audience. The banner(s) may link to an internal or external page where more information may be delivered to the target audience.

This would be a great spot for presenting a company and its services to our community members.


1440 x 225px1440 x 225px720 x 112px

News Pack

World Architecture Community’s News are the second most popular spot of our portal, both directly from within the site as well as through our twitter and other social accounts. As such, the main news page and the individual news article pages total close to 700,000 pageviews1, both combined.

What we offer for the “News Pack” is to have 1 box randomly placed in each of the 24 news boxes loaded as you scroll down.


396 x 540px396 x 540px396 x 540px

In addition, a horizontal banner at the bottom of each news article will also be visible as part of this News Pack.


1440 x 225px1440 x 225px720 x 112px

Projects Pack

World Architecture Community’s Projects pages are, by far, the most viewed pages of our portal.

As such, when combined, the main projects page and the individual project pages total close to 1,000,000 pageviews1. What we offer for the “Projects Pack” is to have 1 box randomly placed in each of the 24 project boxes loaded as you scroll down through all projects.


396 x 540px396 x 540px396 x 540px

In addition, a horizontal banner at the bottom of each project page’s description section, right before the other images of the project, will also be visible as part of this pack.


Sponsored Content

World Architecture Community accepts a limited number of Sponsored Content articles (max. 3 concurrent in any given month). These are posted just like our News articles and remain in our pool of news articles forever, with a “Sponsored Content” tag / indicator. They are also indexed in Google and other search portals and may easily be found and accessed during or after your campaign, provided the right set of keywords were used.

See example below:

The offer also includes 12 posts on our Twitter (over 475,000 followers - May 2018) and Facebook accounts, 3 posts via our LinkedIn and 1 post via our Instagram account (over 130,000 followers - May 2018), over the course of the month.

The price for Sponsored Content covers all of the above mentioned services.

Traffic Information

Interestingly, World Architecture Community's main differentiator from other architecture portals and websites offering similar services is in the geographical distribution of its visitors

Although our second most visitors in 2017 came from the United States (22%), 67% of our visitors and 79% of overall pageviews were from Eurasia, proving once more that World Architecture Community covers a different geographical space.

As WAC intentionally continues to focus on countries less covered by mainstream media, its audience is similarly more diverse.

The democratization of the Internet, in particular through mobile devices in developing countries, coupled with our redesign efforts to make World Architecture Community comfortably accessible through all mobile devices has fueled this sustained traffic from those countries.

Among the 600,000 unique visitors World Architecture Community welcomed in 2017(1), the Western World represented 47% (North America 24%, Europe 21% and ANZ 2%) of all visitors. The remaining 53% is a result of World Architecture Community's intentional focus on countries less or not covered by mainstream media and other platforms, more specifically in Asia (46%), Latin America (4%) and Africa (3%), as displayed on the map below.

Other Important Information

Payments are made in full upon receipt of the pro-forma invoice, either by bank transfer or via secure credit card payment.

World Architecture Community reserves the right to remove any advertisement that does not abide by the World Architecture Community’s WA Member Agreement2, in particular:

  • the content of the advertisement shall not be defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, obscene,
  • harmful to minors, in violation of child pornography or child sexual exploitation laws, and more generally,
  • the content shall not violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation.

The announcer has the ultimate responsibility for the content of the advertisement or sponsored content.

World Architecture Community also offers country / countries specific advertisement, however sponsored content is exclusively offered globally. Pricing per country for advertisement is calculated based on 1/8th of the applicable price (i.e. 2 countries for 2/8th of applicable price, and so on). The minimum period both for advertising and sponsored content is one month.

Media Kit

Much more information on traffic and demographics are available in our Media Kit. Please make sure to through it to get more insight as to who you will be reaching when using our Advertisement offers.

Next Steps

World Architecture Community is a unique platform with a distinct targeted audience, suitable for any brand trying to reach international architects and architecture students.

We understand everyone’s needs are different and are open to different types of campaigns or sponsorship offers that best fit your needs. Contact World Architecture Community for more information about advertising with us and pricing.

(1) source: Google Analytics - Full Year 2017

(2) Please see section “7 - Representations and Warranties” of the WA Member Agreement for more information.