INPLACE is a company that works exclusively on visually communicating the next possible world.We works on a wide range of premier projects including buildings ,spaces ,masterplans, objects, furnitures, infrastructure. 

We believe the power of a visual work lays in its possibility to narrate and evoke.We gather artists with profound background of architecture,art,new media and visualization skills dedicating to this aim,to create visuals that convey information and win audience.

We consider every project has a unique story to tell,a special aim to achieve.What really is crucial is to interpret clearly both the project intentions and the emotional connections with audience.A good visual work is the one produced with well-aimed focus and intentions,and the audience should be able to feel and explain on their own.

INPLACE’s team values collaboration,trust and passion.We are a strong believer of team play,and we think the great outcome is always based on collective effort,mutual understanding and respect.

Our office is based in Beijing,China.


Office Members

  • Tony Wong