Kiribati, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is a country of 33 islands. It is beautiful with a unique lowland landscape. However, Kiribati will be the first country to disappear from the world due to the effects of global warming.
Based on the needs of the original inhabitants, we have designed 33 non-functional floating modules, including multiple energy modules, to form a self-sustaining stable hexagonal platform system that can be freely combined and connected, with each hexagon having a side length of 40 meters and a total area of 45,726 square meters, with an estimated capacity of 3000 inhabitants.
The residential houses retain the form and function of the original Kiribati houses, which have been suitably upgraded to make them storm surge resistant. Rainwater harvesting and water purification systems and energy supply systems are provided in each of the self-sufficient living modules.
Community and island organization:
1. Three basic elements
-From compact housing to decentralized housing.
2. Normal
-The combination of three basic elements continues the shape of each island.
3. Against storm surge
-Each module is tightly connected to maintain the shape of the atoll. Some important infrastructure and housing are located within the community. The outside of the community is surrounded by some easy to recover modules to mitigate the impact of storm surge.

House Phasing + Maintenance:
Main material selection:Bamboo
Growth Time: 36-48 Months
Phase 1: Now
· Construction of buildings and bridges
· Responding to the future crisis of sea-level rise
Phase 2: Kiribati is underwater
· construction of floating community
· arrangement depends on the function of the building and the development of the community
Phase 3: Daily / After Storm Surge
· Plantation of bamboo seeds for future maintenance use



the total area of 45,726 square meters

Yuxuan Cai-Wuhan Polytechnic University
Jingyi Zhou-China Academy of Art
Mengran Zhang-Sichuan Agricultural University
Siyi Chen-Suzhou University of Science and Technology

CONTINUANCE - An island world continues to rise with the sea levels by Yuxuan Cai in Kiribati won the WA Award Cycle 36. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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