Founded by John Patrick in 2012, Detroit-based agency ABOVE THE FOLD represents and promotes a diverse roster of international talent, firms, and projects. Whether curating design teams, pursuing new projects, strategizing public relations, or securing press-ready images, ABOVE THE FOLD’s mission to advance constructed environments across disciplines is realized through innovative, precedent-setting projects around the globe. 

ABOVE THE FOLD has advised 30 architecture and design firms on winning and publicizing over $4 billion in projects — from housing in Detroit, a youth center in East Palo Alto, a student center in Vermont, and diverse U.S. museums, to a groundbreaking senior housing development in Singapore, a master plan in Bogota, a U.S. Embassy Complex in Africa, and a net-zero tower in Sydney. 

Focusing on public relations, the agency also advises the faculty at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan on public relations for a variety of groundbreaking, forward-looking research and projects across disciplines and scales. We regularly collaborate with talent & organizations on project announcements, design awards, book releases, lectures, and exhibitions. 

In 2022, the agency launched ATF Images, expanding on nearly a decade of representing architectural photographer Rafael Gamo with an award-winning visualization studio, ELEMENT. Focused on producing press-ready images before, during, and after construction, ABOVE THE FOLD is a resource to any architect, designer or client in the world who needs images. 

Most recently, ABOVE THE FOLD signed an artist, Patrick Ethen, whose work exists in some fuzzy intersection between art, architecture, design and engineering.

For more information about collaborating with ABOVE THE FOLD, please contact [email protected].

Image © Chris Miele, Courtesy of EC3

Mailing address: 1042 Holbrook Avenue  Detroit, MI 48211  U.S.

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