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World Architecture Community Awards 32nd Cycle Winners Are Announced

United Kingdom Architecture News - Nov 05, 2019 - 10:18   11099 views

World Architecture Community Awards 32nd Cycle Winners Are Announced

World Architecture Community team is proud to announce the winners of WA Awards 10+5+X 32nd CycleOnce again, we have 37 different winning projects from 20 different countries with a fantastic mix of building types, spanning from Jordan to India, Iran to Pakistan. In short, the winning countries can be listed as Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Austria, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, China, South Korea, Poland, Taiwan, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Latvia, Rwanda, Nepal, Uganda.

In the 32nd Cycle, United Practice Architects' The Peach Garden from China has been selected by the votes of Honorary Members and Winners in earlier cycles and selected through the ratings of community members in Realised Category, while Kyeongsik Yoon's Sarang Bitneun Church from South Korea has been selected in the same category. 

Japanese architect Shintaro Fujiwara's House In Kobe North from Japan has also won the WA Awards in Realised category, selected by the votes of Honorary Members and Winners in earlier cycles. 

Nuru Karim's Nest Flamingo Observatory in the United Arab Emirates, Sanjay Puri's Amalsad Shiva Temple in India, BE-Hive Building And Environment Design's Sichuan International Creative Design Campus Community Center-Energy Bowl in China, Yazgan Design & Architecture's Laboratory Building Of A University In Ankara are also among the winners for the 32nd Cycle. 

In the Student category, Benyamin Nemati's Jiroft Primary School in Iran, Giorgi Dalalishvili's ARCH Hotel in Georgia, Mohammad Azhar Khan's Urban Essencein India, Abdullah Natsheh's The Dead Sea Memorial in Jordan, Seyed Mohammad Hossein Rahmati's The Rural Educational Space in Uganda are among other great projects for the winners of the 32nd Cycle of WA Awards.

You may now consult all of the awarded projects at the World Architecture Community WA Awards Winners page.

One Cycle ends as another starts...

WA Awards 10+5+X is also open to Interior Designers & Interior Design Projects! 

With this announcement, we want to also remind you that the 33rd Cycle of WA Awards is now open for submissions. You can submit your entries until December 15, 2019. If you also want your project to get the recognition it deserves, make sure to participate before the deadline is over. 

In addition, to win a free-of-charge submission, upgrade your membership to Professional Membership from your WAC Settings and send 1 project (Realised or Designed) FREE to each Cycle of WA Awards. See your benefits for Professional Membership here

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