In this project, the old traditional quadrangle in the northern China was rebuilt as a courtyard house, providing accommodation and social function, as well as, exhibiting floristry. We respect the historical building and spare no effort to minimize the effect of newly built part. Also, we utilize innovative transformative strategy to satisfy the new functional need and improve the wellbeing of guests. As for the strategy of light construction, it is sustainable and can achieve high construction quality by a low cost.
During the reconstruction of the old house, the original timber structure has been reserved, while part of external walls has been renewed. We reserved the whole stone walls, but rebuilt the southern wall. Meanwhile, we redesigned the entrance and windows, as well as the viewing boxes. We tore down the shabby roof, added insulation and waterproof layer, as well as the skylight. In addition, the traditional grey roofing tiles have been recycled. What is more, we utilized large area glass to allow nature permeate into the room. The different viewing boxes have been added in each guest room to extent indoor space and promote the communication between architecture and nature.
In sharp contrast between the old and the new, the heavy and the light, the historical building is reborn.



Floor Area:249 m2
Built Area: 158 m2

Leader Architect: Zhou Chao
Team: Deng Kechao, Zhang Hang, Qin Siyuan
Structural Design Consultancy: Yang Peng
Equipment Engineer: Wang Ruochen, Zhang Tao

The Peach Garden by Chao Zhou in China won the WA Award Cycle 32. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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