The idea is to create a City Centre Complex in the Gandhi Market, Mir dard Road, which is an underprivileged site but carries great potential. This development could enhance the urban realm of the city. The generated physical built environment is a result of urban morphological adaptation which relates to the people, enhancing user experience both visual and psychological. Its physical manifestation is an amalgamation of the urban built with natural landscaping.

The project focuses on creating a strong visual and physical identity by keeping similar typology of built fabric so as to generate a character which becomes holistically impactful and adds to the list of landmarks as the site is located in a very prime location situated very close to the Civic Centre and other major landmarks such as Firoz Shah Kotla stadium, Connaught place etc.

The built does not feel static at all but always dynamic and virtually moving from every side the users observe it. The whole urban experience is wrapped around the central magnets on both parts of the site. The change in levels around those two focal points creates a very different user experience of moving all around, thus provides quality open and built spaces. The open areas offer layered public spaces where people can visually interact with each other.

Holistically, the project acts as a platform for people to collaborate into mutual interactive participation. It also provides people with an opportunity to reside and spend most of their time inside the complex which fulfills most of their needs and demands.



Location- Gandhi Market, Mir dard Road, Zone D, New delhi.
Site Area- 8.1 Acre.

Individual Project

Urban Essence by Mohammad Azhar Khan in India won the WA Award Cycle 32. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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