Energy Challenge:
Designing to reduce energy consumption, in addition to reducing costs, will help the lives of other generations.

The Light:
Designing with maximum natural light usage is one of the energy saving solutions.
Using a light-transmitting concrete sample designed at Qom University to reduce the use of electric power, prevent the unreasonable rise in temperature created through indoor lighting systems during the day, as well as the reduction of the use of cooling systems.

The challenge of selecting recycled and indigenous materials with regard to climatic characteristics, the ability to move and move to another location and rebuild the building, if needed, are among the most important challenges in rural areas.

The use of cellulosic-clay composite as one of the new and cost-effective materials made by Iranian engineers to non-loader panels with the ability to move and re-use in case of displacement.

Water is Life:
The challenge of collecting and producing water is one of the ways to achieve sustainable architecture.
Designing a system for collecting and using seasonal rainfall in the building.
Increase the comfort and health of users:
The use of healing plants, the prevention of users reducing comfort, such as extreme winds, fogs, insects, etc., has been another important consideration by design.
The use of wire mesh walls to prevent the entry of grunts and storms to the building and the conversion of humidity to the water used for use in green space and non-drinking costs.
Using the lace layer to prevent insects from entering and improving the health and well-being of the students.



Attention to past climate systems:
Using and inspiring past successful systems is one way to achieve a successful plan.
The design of openings with the ability to control the amount of light entering the building, winding design with regard to the climate in the direction of the natural air conditioning, reduce the need to use artificial ventilation and cooling systems.

Seyed Mohammad Hossein Rahmati
Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi
Hanieh Lotfipour


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