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There are 15 days left to enter WA Awards 10+5+X 38th Cycle

United Kingdom Architecture News - Jun 30, 2021 - 08:15   3067 views

There are 15 days left to enter WA Awards 10+5+X 38th Cycle

There are only 15 days left to submit your entries to WA Awards 10+5+X 38th Cycle, where you will be judged in Architecture, Interior Design and Student categories to become globally recognized. 

There is no time to lose, and start your entry today on this page. You can send your entries until July 15, 2021 (23:59 GMT). 

The acclaimed and prestigious WA Awards 10+5+X is open entries to architects, architecture offices, interior designers, interior design offices, architecture and interior design students from all around.

Here're the 15 strong reasons why you should enter WA Awards:

1. There will be no one winning project at WA Awards. Your submissions are judged by the two separate judging systems; one is the WA Awards Jury, composed of a mixture of our Honorary Members and earlier WA Awards Winners, and other is decided based on the ratings of fellow community members of World Architecture. 

2. Submitted projects will be announced in a featured story on WAC. After submissions are closed for that Cycle, submitted projects will be announced in a featured story on WAC's homepage and WAC News page, which received over 150 Million views since 2006 and the most popular section of WAC. 

3. Submitted projects will be announced on WAC's social media: Submitted projects will be announced on WAC's social media channels by mentioning the offices. 

4. Your work can be featured in a separate article on WAC. The WAC editorial team carefully looks at all the submitted projects and can choose your work to create another story about your project on WAC. 

5. WA Awards has 4(+1) easy steps to submit your entries: It takes 4 (+1) easy steps to send your entries to WA Awards. If you are a member of WAC Sign-In (or if you are not a member of WAC Sign Up here) to WAC, upload your project, edit your project, complete your payment and submit your project to WA Awards 38th Cycle.

6. WA Awards offers affordable fees to enter: WA Awards is one of the award programmes having the most affordable entry fees among other award programmes, while offering a free-of-charge entry for Students. See WA Awards' fees here

7. All WA Awards winners receive high-quality and printable Winner Certificate and Winner Poster: All WA Awards winners will receive a high-quality Winner Certificate and Winner Poster. 

8. Once you've paid for your entry fee per project/per Cycle, you won't pay for anything else. Once you've paid your entry fee per project/per Cycle, you won't pay for anything else. 

9. When you are selected a winner, your poster can be featured in an article on WAC: When you are crowned with the WA Award, your Winner Poster can be featured in a collage and a story published on WAC, as well as sharing on our social media channels.

10. WA Awards Winners will be shared in a featured story on WAC. WA Awards Winners will be published in a dedicated WA Awards Page and a featured article on WAC's homepage and News Page and across WAC's social media channels. 

11. WA Awards Winners' projects will be shared with other global media sources. World Architecture Community acts as a liaison agent between winners and potential publishers. All WA Awards Winners' projects will be shared with other publishers and architectural magazines of interest from all around the world. 

12. WA Awards has only 3 sections to participate. Entry categories are simple and limited for WA Awards 10+5+X. There are 3 major sections for Architects, Interiors Designers and Students to submit their works under these categories: Designed, Realised and Student. 

13. Consistently winning the WA Award can help you gain international recognition: There are over 1,700 WA Award winning projects at WAC. You can be one of them and can be one of the 50 architects and architecture offices who have won the most WA Awards. Read our previous story.

14. WA Awards' dual jury system creates more chances of winning: As the WA Awards' judging criteria is based on a dual jury system and selects multiple winners, if you are not selected by the Votes of esteemed WA Honorary Members and Previous WA Awards Winners, you may be selected by the rates of WAC's fellow members.

15. WA Awards has a standard deadline to send your work. WA Awards has a standard deadline and it doesn't change according to any category. 

Don't you want to be crowned with the WA Award? So hurry up! Start your entry today

Submit your entries before July 15, 2021 (23:59 GMT). 

You can consult WAC's How To Participate page to read all details. If you have further questions about WA Awards 10+5+X, you can contact the WAC editorial team at [email protected].

Top image in the poster: The Pink House by 23o5 Studio in Vietnam won the WA Award in the 37th Cycle. Image © Hiroyuki Oki + Hoang Le