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There are only 15 days left to enter WA Awards 39th Cycle

United Kingdom Architecture News - Oct 24, 2021 - 09:14   1418 views

There are only 15 days left to enter WA Awards 39th Cycle

There are only 15 days left to submit your entries to WA Awards 10+5+X 39th Cycle, where you could be crowned with the acclaimed and prestigious WA Award in Architecture, Interior Design and Students categories.

WA Awards has standard deadline to submit your projects. WA Awards 39th Cycle deadline ends on Monday, 8 November, 2021 (23:59 GMT). 

There is no time to lose, and start your entry today. If you're a WAC Member, start your entry by signing in from here.

Still have questions about why should participate in the WA Awards? To mark the importance of WA Awards 10+5+X, we have listed the 15 profiles that have won the most WA Awards so far.

The list, which is not based on any category or geographical distribution, includes architects, architecture offices, and academic members. 

Here're the 15 WAC Members who have won the most WA Awards, according to the WAC's statistics:

1. Sanjay Puri - Sanjay Puri awarded with 30 WA Awards

2. Yazgan Design and Architecture - Yazgan Design and Architecture awarded with 16 WA Awards

3. Selim Senin - Selim Senin awarded with 15 WA Awards

4. Zaha Hadid Architects  - Zaha Hadid Architects awarded with 14 WA Awards

5. Kyeongsik Yoon - Kyeongsik Yoon awarded with 10 WA Awards

6. Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi - Mohsen Kheirmand Parizi awarded with 9 WA Awards

7. Studio Symbiosis - Studio Symbiosis awarded with 9 WA Awards

8. Matra Architects - Matra Architects awarded with 8 WA Awards

9. Keng-Fu Lo - Keng-Fu Lo awarded with 8 WA Awards

10. Tabanlioglu Architects - Tabanlioglu Architects awarded with 7 WA Awards

11. NORR Architects And Engineers - NORR Architects And Engineers awarded with 6 WA Awards

12. Seyed Mohammad Hossein Rahmati - Seyed Mohammad Hossein Rahmati awarded with 6 WA Awards

13. Sanzpont Arquitectura - Sanzpont Arquitectura awarded with 6 WA Awards

14. Manco Architects - Manco Architects awarded with 6 WA Awards

15. Darcy Chang - Darcy Chang awarded with 4 WA Awards

Do you want to be among the most awarded WAC Members? Hurry up! 

To consult WAC's visuals guidance and read details about WA Awards, visit WAC's How To Participate page. 

If you have further questions, you can contact the WAC editorial team at [email protected].

Top image in the poster: Yuangou Architects & Consultants' Yunshan Town Tourist Center in China won the WA Awards in the 38th Cycle. Image courtesy of Yuangou Architects & Consultants.