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How to be the next Steve Jobs?

United States Architecture News - Oct 06, 2016 - 18:04   13007 views

How to be the next Steve Jobs?

[......] What can product designers who aspire to be Silicon Valley titans learn from his example? What does it take to be the next Steve Jobs? He’s held in awe by both design and business types because he was so good at balancing the two without compromising on either. Designers respect him because he was obsessive-compulsive when it came to the smallest detail of a product and angrily averse to mediocrity. "Never send a suit to do a pirate’s job," he would say. But the lesson for designers is that Jobs was also a great designer of organizations, who understood the importance of building a culture and process for design excellence. From my research, I came up with a handful of essential Jobsian traits that you need to possess in abundance if you’re a designer who wants to be the next great design-tech leader.......Continue Reading

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