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Do you want to stay in Steven Holl’s Ex of In House? Apply T Space’s Summer Fellowship

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Do you want to stay in Steven Holl’s Ex of In House? Apply T Space’s Summer Fellowship

Steven Myron Holl Foundation and its nonprofit initiative, ‘T’ Space - its project's name called Ex of In House - has announced their new architecture fellowship. Selected applicants participate in a 25-day intensive studio program while residing at the Fellow’s Cabin, scenically located on T2 Reserve, a 28-acre property in Rhinebeck, New York.

The fellowship is geared to challenge the participants’ ability to think and design critically, while working site-specific to Dutchess County and the Rhinebeck ecology. Using both analog and digital media tools, the studio is complemented by design critiques, pin ups and conversations with instructors and invited professionals, as well as field trips in Dutchess county to destinations of acclaimed architectural and artistic interest.

Do you want to stay in Steven Holl’s Ex of In House? Apply T Space’s Summer Fellowship

Ex of In House by Steven Holl. Image courtesy of ‘T’ Space

The final project will be located on a chosen site of Scenic Hudson (a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the Hudson River Valley of New York State) as a structure that can exist harmoniously in the Hudson Valley ecology as an experimental and contemplative space. Fellows are encouraged to take full advantage of the theoretical and experimental freedom they are given in the context of T2 Reserve to conduct research collaboratively in an intimate group of five as well as develop proposals individually. Selected projects will be featured on the ‘T’ Space website.

T2 Reserve: Room and Board will be provided at the Fellow’s Cabin on T2 Reserve. Space T2 will serve as a vital and contemplative workspace. Access will be provided to Round Lake nearby, where Steven Holl retreats to watercolor. The ecology, built structures, and on-site installations on the property are meant to provoke conversations and inspire ideas. The reserve contains experimental architectural projects such as Ex of IN House and T2 Space, where the structures are as much architectural as they are sculptural. 

‘T’ Space Events: During their time at the T2 Reserve, fellows will also have the op- portunity to attend one of ‘T’ Space’s three annual exhibition events with artist Sarah Oppenheimer. In previous years, these events featured visual artists’ exhibitions, talks, and performances by prominent poets and musicians, including Ai WeiWei, Robert Kelly, Greg Zuber amongst others. ‘T’ Space and its summer events serve as a convergence point for multiple disciplines - poetry, music, visual arts. This cross-disciplinary approach to thinking about space will challenge and expand the fellows’ scope of understanding and definition of architecture.

Do you want to stay in Steven Holl’s Ex of In House? Apply T Space’s Summer Fellowship

Ex of In House by Steven Holl. Image courtesy of ‘T’ Space

Schedule: Monday and Friday 2 hour review and group pin up with prof. Steven Holl. At least one instructor will be present on a daily basis. Studio hours: 2pm- 5pm. Field trips may be planned on Fridays or the weekends. There will be invited guest critics for the final presentation. List TBA.

Production: Project 1 (10 days) Macro: group project. Rural analysis of Dutchess County, T2 Reserve and Roundlake (ecology, history, nature) Project 2 (15 days) Micro: individual work. A 990sqf pavilion design for a chosen site. 

Fees: $2,975 (USD) covers Room and Board. Application Fee $50 (USD). Additional $100 for model making material supply. Field trip costs not included.

Policies: Fellows must take responsibility for their own personal safety if / when wan- dering off-site or travelling to and from buildings within the T2 Reserve and ‘T’ Space estate. All fellows are expected to show personal responsibility, caution and self-supervision while in attendance. Swimming in the lake is allowed. 

FAQ: Please contact your university for accreditation. Fellows will use their own laptop. For any further questions please contact [email protected]

Application Forms and Guides: Fellowships will be awarded on the basis of portfolio and letter of interest by June 1st, please email the following documents to:Christine Ma at [email protected] 

Letter of Interest and CV 

Portfolio of work (maximum 20 pages, 8 MB) 

Fill out the attached Contact Sheet 

Fill out the attached Credit Card Authorization Form 

Admitted candidates will be notified on June 5th, 2017 

Fellows will receive a Certificate of Completion of the course signed by all instructors.

Instructors consists of Steven Holl, Dimitra Tsachrelia, Christoph a. Kumpusch, Eirini Tsachrelia

Are ready for rural compression? Then apply here. Watch a video for Ex of In House with Steven Holl and Dimitra Tsachrelia. 

Duration: July 8 - August 2 (25 days) 

Capacity: 5 Fellowships, for students, graduates and practitioners in architecture 

Location: T2 Reserve, Rhinebeck, New York 

Application deadline: June 1st, 2017

Top image: a screenshot from the video

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