A Bachelors in Architecture Graduate from India, from a very young age, Rupsha was very keen about architectural journalism and took enthusiasm in documentation work. Art and history have always been her deep interest. Currently, she is working as an Associate- Design Coordination in a leading real estate industry of Kolkata, India. She has worked as a Landscape Architect in Pune, India and also as an Architect in Kolkata, India. During her school days she was associated with ‘The Statesman-Voices’ and wrote various articles. She actively took part in debates and group discussions at both school and college level. She has also received various scholarships from the University for extraordinary writing skills and academic achievements. Her dissertation on “Revitalizing the Ancient Construction techniques of Bengal- Moyna Garh” has brought her a lot of appreciation and was one of the top ten thesis of her college. She has received a first prize from the Odisha Government for an instant report writing completion where she had to write about “Human Race and Machine Interface in 21st century”. She has a conference proceeding in her name, “Ancient construction techniques of Bengal, a regional study” in Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India and a research paper on “Revitalizing the ancient construction techniques of Bengal” in IIA Concord, Assam Chapter. She was the only student to get a chance to work with a research team in Department of Architecture and Regional Planning in Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, one of the most renowned institutions in India. Historical buildings have always been one of her greatest interest and she wants to bring forward the rich old heritage, architectural styles and their construction techniques of old buildings through her writing.


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