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WAC appoints Momoh Kakulatombo as Kenya's Intern Reporter

Kenya Architecture News - May 07, 2018 - 02:54   24260 views

WAC appoints Momoh Kakulatombo as Kenya's Intern Reporter

Momoh Kakulatombo - Kenya (Intern)

Since February 17, 2017

Momoh Kakulatombo has been appointed as Kenya's Intern Reporter, as part of the WAC's Country Editors/Reporters program. Momoh is an Intern Reporter of WAC from Kenya but his analyst and researcher approach put him in front of many applicants. Momoh learns fast and produces stories that are deep and stimulating even if he has very little material and documentation in his hands. He can easily adapt his story to the recommendations provided by the WAC team, and in the light of these he can easily transform the article into another dimension without   going out of his own perspective. Momoh is very good at collecting detailed reports, data, analyses, reviews, as well as communicating with the architects directly to write the true story. He is confidently moving forward in becoming a good investigative journalist in the near future. Momoh's most popular article Boogertman + Partners Architects Designed Wangari Muta Mathai House In Kenya Celebrating A Heroine has reached over 6,156 views at the time of this article. 

Momoh Kakulatombo is enthusiastic about the built environment. He has graduated from Highschool at Nairobi Academy, an IGCSE school in Kenya, and has planned to pursue a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Canada. Since graduation, Momoh has endeavoured to gain a practical understanding of architecture; earning experience on internship at Symbion (Kenya); participating in architecture workshops, besides reading through books on the subject.

"I applied to be a Reporter on WAC because WAC is an architectural intelligence organization with a clear directive: 'To have its content developed by the contributions of its users.' It provides a great opportunity for me to contribute to the advancement of architecture through information and knowledge sharing," Kakulatombo told  World Architecture Community.

"I appreciate the chance to be at the center of unfolding stories about architecture. Opening the discourse to societies with themes and networks, the centerfold question remains: 'What is the matter at hand? Who is at the table of this important issue?’ Continually seeking for ways to innovate existing and new ideas towards better spatial plans embodies what it means to me to be a Country Reporter at WAC."

"Especially, the editor-in-chief's advice during 'publication review' always bring me back to the drawing board to evaluate my own assertions against WAC writing guidelines," he continued. 

"While a curious attitude is important to reflect in my writing, it is more so about the facts one can unearth. There are so many facts about habitation today that can change or crush notions, but their relevance needs to be understood through re-framing them within context while adhering to the WAC ethics. I enjoy the writing process starting with a presentation from a common understanding. The reaches of my writing are a result of the idea that I have researched."

"The method for submitting articles is efficient. The schedule places a demand upon me to produce my writing in a timely manner and to deliver a sustained flow of information. It enhances my discipline of preparing articles on time with focused ideas, fluency and clarity. The flexibility allows me to upload my work from anywhere in the world, taking into consideration the different time zones."

"I would be delighted to take on new responsibilities as a country editor because my current position as a Country Reporter has prepared me. I am capable of ensuring that the product I produce is the best it can be in the time available with the resources available. My work will entail polishing, refining, and directing stories along a particular course; cutting out what doesn’t fit, what is not vital to the purpose of a story; boosting the major points and drawing attention to moments where the audience should focus."

"It will also present me with exciting opportunities to interact with reporters from different parts of the world with unique stories to edit. This will give me a global window of social-economic activities rooted in architecture. I believe my editorship will contribute towards an increased traffic and readership as a result of the quality publications."

Kakulatombo also added: "I do share my WAC page with my friends, colleagues and architectural establishments in Kenya and across the globe. I also share World Architecture community's articles across the social media platforms and therefore increase traffic and visibility of the products and services of WAC."

"I mostly read news from USA, Congo, South Sudan, Britain, Russia, Botswana, Iraq, Canada, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Benin, Spain, Mexico, Greece, South Africa and many more..," he concluded.

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If you also want to be part of our volunteer reporters and become "the voice of your country on WAC while being the face of WAC in your country", please send your motivation message and your CV to [email protected]. We also accept more than one reporter by country.

Top image courtesy of Momoh Kakulatombo