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Winning Entries Announced: 'Haiku' Writing Competition 2.0

India Architecture News - Jun 15, 2020 - 02:39   3664 views

Winning Entries Announced: 'Haiku' Writing Competition 2.0

'Haiku' Writing Competition Series 2.0 floated by Architectural Journalism & Criticism Organisation, India announces the Winning Entries.

Themes described for the Competition were:

- Time travel to an architectural era

Dive into the journey of nostalgia to the gothic gargoyles of the city. In the romanticism of coffered domes, spires, buttresses, ornamented windows, arches; in short travel to the timeless architectural styles- making the quieter times louder than before. What is it, which we will wish evermore again?

- Cultural Thing

What is it that you possess and is at your side in these tough times of Global Pandemic Crisis? An unnoticed ‘thing’ being a part of your culture, tradition or life style does exist. The meaning of which has changed all together due to the recent social distancing measures. If ‘things’ can speak, what message shall it convey to you?

The 'Citation Award' goes to Ramiro Ruben Isaurralde Raitzin, Architect, Denmark

Wind, space and matter

Builders and givers of form

Re-signify time.

Image © Ramiro Ruben Isaurralde Raitzin

Less is more no more

We said Yes! It is a bore

Now on, mess is more.

Image © Ramiro Ruben Isaurralde Raitzin

'Special Mention Award' goes to Ankita Gupta, Asst. Project Manager at Colliers International, Mumbai

If Architecture
is frozen music, Baroque-
is a banshee's song.

Image © Piyali Debnath, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

Clay is baked and burnt,
into bricks, to house a Man:
also made from clay.

Image © Ankita Gupta

'Honorable Mention' Certificate goes to Vinayak Bharne, Adjunct Associate Professor of Urbanism, University of Southern California

The Great Wall laments

Will they ever think of me

The same way again?

Image © Vinayak Bharne

One lockdown morning

Ebisu said to Surya

“Are they Awake yet?”

Image © Vinayak Bharne

Jury Panel for the Competition was comprised of

Prof. Krishna Rao Jaisim, Principal Architect Jaisim-Fountainhead. Bengaluru.

Maria Aslam, Editor- in- Chief, Architecture - Design - Art (ADA) Magazine.

Sabu Francis, Principal Architect, Sabu Francis & Associates.

Pappal Suneja, Research Scholar, Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Germany.

Sangeet Sharma, Partner, S D Sharma & Associates, Chandigarh.

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Top Image © Ramiro Ruben Isaurralde Raitzin

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