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The New Jongno-gu Government Complex Design Competition

Korea, South Architecture News - Jun 13, 2020 - 14:08   2754 views

The New Jongno-gu Government Complex Design Competition

The Jongno-gu Office has announced "the New Jongno-gu Governmental Office Complex Design Competition". Competition is open to all licensed architects. Both Korean and foreign licensed architects can participate, and one team can be made of up to three architects but one appointed representative should carry out the registration.

- Site: 43, Sambong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
- Site Area: 8,622.3㎡ (Jongno-gu Office 6,635.3㎡, Jongno Fire Station 1,987㎡)
- Total Floor: Area: 66,970㎡( Adjustable within the limit of ±3% )
- Building use: Government Office, Cultural and assembly Facilities, Neighborhood living facility
- Design Fee: KRW 8,904 million (including VAT and Securities for Damage Liability)
The design contract is concluded as a Integrated contracts, etc. to Article 28 of the Act on contracts to which a local government is a party.

- Registration: May 29 (Fri.) 2020 ~ August 20 (Thu.) 2020 17:00
- 0n-site briefing: June 15 (Mon.) 2020 10:00
- Inquiries registration: June 15 (Mon.) 2020 ~ June 19 (Fri.) 2020 17:00
- Inquiries Answer: June 26 (Fri.) 2020
- Submission of Proposal: August 27(Thu.) 2020 10:00~ 17:00
(Personal Delivery and Submission per post)
- Evaluation: Refer to the ‘Evaluation’ schedule below
- Announcement of the winners: September 15 (Tue.) 2020
- The competition promoter may change the competition schedule and any change will be notified on the official website.

- Technical Evaluation : August 31 (Mon.) 2020
- First Evaluation : September 3 (Thu.) 2020
- Second Evaluation : September 14 (Mon.) 2020
- The list of jury members can be found on the official website

- The first prize winner will be commissioned to develop design and realize the project.
- Honoraria will be paid differently to each runner-up except for the first prize winner as follows.
- Honoraria
Second Prize KRW 80,000,000
Third Prize KRW 60,000,000
Fourth Prize KRW 40,000,000
Fifth Prize KRW 20,000,000

Read details about the competition on the website

Top image courtesy of Jongno-gu Office

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