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World Architecture Community launches Interior Design section for WA Awards 10+5+X

Turkey Architecture News - Oct 21, 2019 - 11:03   15035 views

World Architecture Community launches Interior Design section for WA Awards 10+5+X

World Architecture Community is happy to announce that WA Awards 10+5+X is now accepting interior design projects from around the world starting from the 33rd Cycle of WA Awards

Following WAC's previous announcement, all Interior Designers and/or Interior Design Offices can send their entries to the WA Awards 34th Cycle before April 20, 2020. 

Submission procedure, selection process, participation fees and eligibility criteria are the same with the Architecture section that the WAC follows for its members. WA Awards 10+5+X is a unique and unprecedented opportunity for interior designers to get the recognition it deserves across the world since WAC covers a quite different geographical space and reaches quite different audience in a global scale. 

World Architecture Community Awards (WA Awards 10+5+X)

Interior designers or interior offices can send their projects in 3 distinct categories below:

  • WA Interior Designed Award: Projects that were not built,
  • WA Interior Realised Award: Projects that are actually built (maximum within the last 10 years),
  • WA Interior Student Award: Projects designed by Interior Design Students.

All Interior Designers and/or Interior Design Offices are able to fully benefit from the rights and benefits that WAC's other members do have. After registering to World Architecture Community from here, Interior Designers can upgrade their membership status to Professional Membership which allows more benefits for the WA Awards and more project sharings on WAC's social media. 

Please visit WAC's WA Awards 10+5+X page and How To Participate page to send your entries to the WA Awards 33rd Cycle, with pricing details. See WAC's Professional Membership benefits for Interior Designers as well.

Submitting your entries today is simple and fast, just visit WAC's How To Participate page. WA Awards 34th Cycle, Deadline: April 20, 2020. 

Main News Page

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In order to be featured on WAC's Main News Page, all interior designers or interior design offices can send their projects to: [email protected]

With a new filter on this page, WAC is also giving an in-depth look to all the interior design projects news. A new orange-colored icon will help readers to filter all the interior projects news on this page.

Main Projects Page

World Architecture Community’s Projects pages are, by far, the second most viewed pages of our website. So from now on, all interior designers and interior design offices are able to be a fellow member of WAC by registering from here, and be able to upload their projects free to get globally recognized. 

WAC also strongly recommends all architects and interior designers to keep their WAC Pages as up-to-date as possible since WAC Editors share some selective projects from our Projects page on WAC's social media.