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5 Days Left To Enter WA Awards 10+5+X 33rd Cycle

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5 Days Left To Enter WA Awards 10+5+X 33rd Cycle

There are only five days to submit your entries to WA Awards 10+5+X 33rd Cycle. WA Awards, the most democratic web-based architecture awards in the world, is accepting entries in architecture, interior design and student categories from all over the world. 

The time is running and start your entry today. You can send your entries until December 15, 2019 (23:59 GMT)

Once more to mark the importance of WA Awards 10+5+X, we wanted to share what our previous winners think about the WA Awards as loyal members of World Architecture Community for years. The contributions and achievements of our members to the WAC are always appreciated. Here're their short comments and thoughts on the prestigious and acclaimed WA Awards. In no particular order...

Sanjay Puri, Honorary Member of WAC, Principal Architect of Sanjay Puri Architects: "The WA Awards create a unique global platform for seeing and studying projects from across the world of different typologies and different materials and contextual responses compete with each other. The awards celebrate good design of a diverse range of projects."

Verendra Wakhloo, co-founder of Matra Architects: "WAC's untiring effort to encourage benevolent creativity from diverse cultures amidst a rather competitive work environment, favouring generally global trends, is an extraordinary far-sighted contribution to building cultural discourse and identity."

Ian Ritchie, CBE is director of Ian Ritchie Architects: "We were delighted to have received an award from the World Architecture Community. The quality of the awards that are chosen by WAC are always of an exceptionally high and consistent standard, and we feel privileged to share and celebrate with other world class architects their success in the World Architecture Community Awards programme."

Zhou Chao, Principal Architect, United Practice Architects: "We are very happy to be one of the winners in 32nd WA Awards 10+5+X, and it encourages us to have the incentive to explore architectural thinking and innovation, especially in rural construction and environmental sustainability."

Davide Macullo, founder and principal of Davide Macullo Architects: "We are pleased to participate in and sustain World Architecture Awards 10+5+X. Despite the jungle of improvised awards that have popped up lately, WAC shows a serious engagement to promote the most beautiful, among one of the most important professions of the world. The built environment is the first shell out of our body that relates to our senses, therefore the constant commitment of professionals, such as WAC, in promoting a conscious selection of quality, spanning worldwide, represents a breath of vitality for today’s architectural achievements, looking beyond appearances, enhancing the reasons of making. 

"The WA community shares those values, allowing a healthy and optimistic growth of the architectural and artistic dialogue between professionals and users. I am glad to have the opportunity to underline the importance of having an open window to the responsibilities of architects, encouraging them to care about their actions, that so deeply influence the human and natural ecology. Architects should return to assuming the role of keepers of the quality of life, from the territorial impact of mega settlements to the intimate minimal space, being proactive witnesses to our present, removed from speculations. I wish that the dialogue in the field of construction will regain a profound concentration and self-criticism, involving all human aspects including a serious engagement with psychology and philosophy, that are the fundamental tools in questioning on our actions."

Dr. Margot Krasojevic: "I am part of the World Architecture Community and have been for ten years, WAC has always been a culturally, politically and environmentally diverse platform presenting a series of projects which are an informative and valuable architectural reference of encyclopedic proportions. The submitted projects continue to be stimulating and inspiring, a cultivated, open-minded and radical forum advocating all types of architectural design approaches, including experimental architecture, future vision and research is cultivated, promoted and shared within this community. A valuable resource for all future and current designers and architects."

"I would like to add that you have always presented the architectural world with an egalitarian and unbiased manner of exhibiting, encouraging and assessing projects."

Fujiwaramuro Architects"We choose WA Awards because we can get responses from people who love architecture all over the world with simple procedures. The online rating system believes that the reader's response is direct, similar to the client’s response, we think it's an important indicator for us. We believe our positive attitude to be evaluated by international reader's also make an appeal to our country that we are always trying to make something new. We believe that this attitude is highly appreciated and that many clients are requesting it."

Keng-Fu Lo, founder of Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute Office: "In 2019, I feel architects in general are trending towards a kind of sculptural architecture. I hope to see the entrants in this years awards, follow their client's desires more closely and the function that arises hitherto."

Nuru Karim, founder and principal of Nudes: "The WA 10+5+X Awards is a repository of design innovation which fills the vacuum for uninspiring built environment initiatives on a number of scales & contexts addressing global issues that confront architecture and urbanism."

Laurent Troost, founder of Laurent Troost Architectures: "This award has been very meaningful to us because, within a very fast timeframe, it has been one of the first international recognitions our project has gained."

5 days left to enter

Do you want to be a member of World Architecture Community and add new WA Award to your success? Then hurry up and participate to the WA Awards today to make sure you and your project get the recognition you deserve.

You can start your submissions by registering to World Architecture Community from here. After register, you can upload your projects, upgrade your membership to Professional and send them to WA Awards 33rd Cycle!

WA Awards 33rd Cycle submission deadline will end on December 15, 2019 (23:59 GMT). 

To read more details about WA Awards, visit our How To Participate page.

Top image: Mohammad Azhar Khan's Urban Essence from India, winner of the WA Award in the 32nd Cycle.