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UG Fellowship Presentations held at Vishwaniketan College of Architecture, Arts & Design, India

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UG Fellowship Presentations held at Vishwaniketan College of Architecture, Arts & Design, India

UG Fellowship, Summer Training programs is the flagship initiative of Vishwaniketan institute being a leader of CGC (CTIF Global Capsule). The Capsule organizes Summer Training Programs across the globe. The capsule is an integral part of CTIF (Center for Tele-Infrastructure) that deals with R & D Centers; focused on product Development based Research. The network is led by Dr. Ramjee Prasad; Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark as the President and Dr. S.S Inamdar, Vice President, Vishwaniketan chairs as the Director of CTIF, India. These programs are under the direct supervision of Dr. Janhavi Inamdar; Director, Vishwaniketan. 

 Picture of the audience present at the event

The Italy Architecture program presentations by students from  DY Patil; Akurdi,  Dr.Baliram Hiray College of Architecture, ITM University; Gwalior, Pilla's College; New Panvel and Vishwaniketan College of Architecture, Arts & Design held on 5th July 2019 at New Seminar Hall, ViMEET. In this program, The Students have worked on the Design of an Art School at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata; Italy under the guidance of Prof. Claudio Greco, Ar. Pappal Suneja and Ing Daniele Sansoni. The school complex is to be built in an area that is currently not yet built in a peripheral area of Rome named “La Romanina”, on the edge of the area that has already been largely built, which is included in the detailed development plan called Romanina A provided for in the General Town Plan of Rome, in the context of Urban Centrality Romanina. This area is part of a wider area of urbanization which also includes the part not yet built called Romanina B and which extends into the territories south of the Rome-Naples motorway, not far from the campus of the University of Tor Vergata.


One of the groups presenting their Project during the Technical Session

The school complex subject of the design exercise was an ARTISTIC HIGH SCHOOL. Reference was made to the current building regulations of Italy: in general, the law on school buildings of 1975 and the 2014 guidelines, in particular, for the art school, to the reform of the high school, contained in the 2005 law, and the guidelines contained in the guide to the new high school of the Ministry of Education. The available area is a total area of about 9000 square meters. The brief stated that the project shall have to pay particular attention to the positioning of the buildings in relation to the road network, to the alignments with the existing buildings and with those foreseen by the new plan and the solar exposure. The distribution of buildings within the lot was free; the buildings should be located at a distance of 10.00 meters from the surrounding streets. The buffer zones from the streets may include areas set to green or paved, with a parking area. This parking area can be distributed widely or concentrated in a defined area, preferably located near the entrances.


Dr. Inamdar giving the Certificate to Rashmin Kale, one of the participants 

The Certificates earned by the students were presented post the presentations to them by Dr. Janhavi Inamdar, Director, Vishwaniketan and Prof Suchetha Mathew, Principal, Vishwaniketan College of Architecture, Arts & Design. Vishwaniketan firmly believes that education has no boundaries. The best possible global exposure and learning provided to the student help them transform themselves into ideal global citizens. The Institute not only believes in this philosophy but, has also taken major positive steps towards achieving this goal by implementing international programs with the following institutions.

• University of Arkansas, USA
• University of Nevada, USA
• University of Louisville, USA
• International Technological University, San Jose, California, USA
• Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
• Teesside University, Middlesbrough, England
University of Rome-Tor Vergata, Italy
• Poznan University of Technology, Poland
• Athens Information Technology, Greece
• National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"
• Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
• Ural Federal University, Russia
• Global ICT Standardisation Forum for India (GISFI)
• Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand

For Information about previous programs, you can refer to the Youtube Channel of the Institute. 

Prof. Suchetha Mathew giving the Certificate to Yukta Deepak, one of the participants 

According to Prof. Suchetha Mathew, Principal, VCAAD, the mission of Vishwaniketan College of Architecture is to inculcate among the student's sensitivity to the environment, vernacular traditions & culture, while simultaneously exposing them to the latest technologies and philosophies in architecture all over the world. She believes that both of these aspects of architectural education are important, as knowledge of the latest technology and exposure to global architecture is essential for an architect in the 21st century, but unless this knowledge is used with the sensitivity to the environment and the people, we shall end up with blind copies of global architecture oblivious to the climate, culture & people. On the other hand, unless equipped with sufficient knowledge, there would be no extension of the vernacular tradition for solving the problems of the 21st century. 

 Dr. Janhavi Inamdar, Prof. Suchetha Mathew, Ar. Pappal Suneja addressing the audience 

On a concluding note, The Institute provides an open environment to encourage freedom of expression and learning initiatives more than conventional classroom teaching. They believe that this approach is essential for the development of a student, particularly in the field of Architecture & Design. The Institute not only strives for academic excellence but also works on the overall development of the students in all walks of their life.

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