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Pompidou Centre gets €100M for facelift in its anniversary

France Architecture News - Jan 23, 2017 - 16:17   31157 views

Pompidou Centre gets €100M for facelift in its anniversary

The project was conceived in 1969 by then President, Georges Pompidou. An international competition was launched by the French Ministry of Culture in 1971, which Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers entered and won. The two-hectare site, the ‘Plateau Beaubourg’, lies on the edge of the Marais right in the dense urban fabric of old Paris. Half of the area is taken up by the building with the other half, following a radical design strategy, devoted to the creation of a public space – the piazza, ‘parvis’, that gently slopes down to the lower-ground-floor entrance hall.

The building is an iconic piece located at the heart of the city of Paris. The building will receive a two-year long facelift, which is estimated to cost at least €100 million. Pompidou Centre had unveiled a new program of 50 exhibitions, demonstrations comprised of 15 shows, concerts and performances and events for its 40th anniversary in late September. 

Pompidou Centre featured in World Architecture Community's video series -BIG Projects In Paris (Part 1) as well as Orsay Station by Victor Laloux,  Bastille Opera House by Carlos Ott and Louvre Museum by I.M. Pei. All video series can be watched in World Architecture Community's Video page. 

It became the butt of jokes and insults even before it opened in 1977, and they have continued to this day, but the Pompidou Centre is still striking an irreverent pose in the historic heart of Paris. This year, to the enduring frustration of its critics, the building hits the venerable age of 40.

The anniversary is to be celebrated with preparations for a two-year facelift expected to cost at least €100m......Continue Reading

Top image: Pompidou Centre, Paris / Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano. Image via incollect

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