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Frank Gehry’s 8150 Sunset Boulevard approved by Los Angeles Planning Commission

United States Architecture News - Aug 02, 2016 - 14:44   13217 views

Frank Gehry’s 8150 Sunset Boulevard approved by Los Angeles Planning Commission

Frank Gehry's mixed-use development 8150 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles get a planning permission from the LA City Planning Commission. The $300-million USD project comprises five distinct blocks, located in the inviting publc square and inserted according to the character of the neighborhood and its surrounding. Considering the architectural style of Frank Gehry, these distinct buildings have again sculptural quality that is charming for the public. 

Gehry's cascaded and intertwined structures had been criticized before due to lack of affordable houses by Ryu’s Chief of Staff Sarah Dusseault by saying that ''the commissioners that setting such a low bar for affordable housing would set a bad precedent as the city is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis.'' 

''There are a lot of good things about this project,” Dusseault said, “but you have to make sure you don’t give away the milk for free. . . . Is this a fair exchange?''

The Los Angeles City Planning Commission voted unanimously today to approve what many called in a lengthy public hearing “an iconic” project deserving of “Michelangelo” status and what would become a “world-class destination” designed by Frank Gehry at Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights.

“We are grateful to the commissioners for approving this project and look forward to continuing to improve the details of the design with all of the stakeholders,” said Townscape partner Tyler Siegel in a statement released later......Continue Reading

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