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Special Notes on MIPIM 2016 by Enis Oncuoglu

Turkey Architecture News - Apr 06, 2016 - 09:45   7561 views

Special Notes on MIPIM 2016 by Enis Oncuoglu

by Enis Oncuoglu, architect, partner at Oncuoglu+ACP.

''Over the past 27 years since 1990, MIPIM has become the leading worldwide property event gathering real estate professionals from all sectors. It aims to provide an international platform for industry leaders to connect, and do real face-to-face business. Through its internationally rich exhibition floor and comprehensive programme of conferences and events, MIPIM allows participants to find new partners, close deals, discover new projects and gain insight into the latest global market trends''. This is the brief introduction in the MIPIM website related with the event.

MIPIM and MAPIC are similar events held in Cannes-France for several years. As an architect, I was informed about this exhibition 15 years ago, while we were working with a big international architectural group to do a mutual project in Russia. They invited me and our client for this event. During my first visit, I was so much impressed as in 3 days and I had a chance to see whole new trends and projects worldwide. It was a hub for everyone who participates to build various contacts in different layers. For example, if you are looking for a facade consultant to work with; all big ones are already there. Besides this, if you are looking for a law firm who is experienced in construction and real estate law in Russia, there are already there, so many of them with stands. 

The main composition of MIPIM exhibitors are: Real Estate developers with their projects, Architects and their projects, Real Estate Leasing Consultants, Consultants (Lighting, Acoustics, Water Features, Entertainment technologies, Sustainability, and etc), Landscape architects and Urban planners, Appraisal Companies, Law Firms, Auditing Companies, Govermental Organizations like TOKI, Municipalities looking for investors, Tenants and Project Management and Building Operation Management Companies.

''Each project and architect are using maximum of its creativity to show its individual character to attract more people among many''

Nearly 20.000 people is visiting the exhibition every year in three days. Cannes becomes the centre of real estate development like in Film Festival. All new projects are presented like in the red carpet. Each project and architect are using maximum of its creativity to show its individual character to attract more people among many. Your presentation skills are developed eventually if you will participate in these kind of events due to the intense competition among projects and architects.

Even after my first visit, I understand how the 'globalization' is effecting the development of every city in emerging markets like Turkey, Russia or Eastern Europe. It is a good laboratory for every professional to understand the commercial projects, players and rules of the game. You don’t see only today but you also have a chance to explore the future trends. When you visit big spaces like London tent or Paris tent, you may get more information about how cities will develop and grow.

Special Notes on MIPIM 2016 by Enis Oncuoglu

From left to right: 'Architectural View on Turkish Mega Projects' panel. Cuneyt Ozdemir, Journalist (moderator), Murat Kader, senior partner at İki Design Group, Murat Tabanlioglu, Tabanlioglu Architects, Enis Oncuoglu, ONCUOGLU+ACP, Prof. Dr. C. Abdi Güzer, Metu. image courtesy of Enis Oncuoglu.

Apart from that, urban redevelopment or transformation strategies is presented and discussed during the events through conferences via many experts. This year, there was a conference “Architectural View on Turkish Mega Projects”. I was one of the speakers with other architects working in international projects. This kind of specific topics is very useful for architects and professionals to get chance to see bigger picture and different views. Also PKF is organizing a Hotel Experts Innovation Forum inside MIPIM, for architects who mainly want to present their current 'hotel projects' to the audience.

Special Notes on MIPIM 2016 by Enis Oncuoglu

Enis Oncuoglu, ONCUOGLU+ACP and METU's Professor Dr. Abdi Guzer at ONCUOGLU+ACP's stand. image courtesy of Enis Oncuoglu.

ONCUOGLU+ACP is exhibiting in this prestigious event more than 10 years. It is the first company who ever open a stand from Turkey. This strategy gives us a chance to reach more clients and developers worldwide. If today we have offices in Moscow, Astana, Dubai and New York, we owe a big part of this recognition to MIPIM, MAPIC and similar events. 

Special Notes on MIPIM 2016 by Enis Oncuoglu

Prof. Dr. C. Abdi Güzer, Cuneyt Ozdemir and Enis Oncuoglu with Kadikoy Municipality Representers. image courtesy of Enis Oncuoglu.

MIPIM and MIPIM Awards is one of the most democratic platforms for architects to present their ideas and designs to the worldwide 'elite of real estate' decision makers. For this year, Turkish exhibitors and participants has a big impact in Global Real Estate podium. We had 21 stands, 15 municipalities of various cities, 820 participants, which 67 was press members visited the event. Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice organization also participated in Istanbul stand to represent the Architects of Istanbul, which was a successful organization to give another layer and focus to the develepment of Istanbul.

Get your stand for 2017, tomorrow might be too late due to limited space if any architect who likes to spread his expertise worldwide outside Turkey.

Top Image: courtesy of Akilli Kentler