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Selgascano + Urban Design design Stockholm’s green offices with full-integrated transparency

Sweden Architecture News - Mar 3, 2016 - 14:06   10490 views

all images courtesy of Urban Design +Selgascano

Spanish architecture studio Selgascano + Stockholm-based architecture firm Urban Design proposed a full green and transparent building developing the city structure in Stockholm. Titled 'Drivhus' (Greenhouse), Selgascano and urban Design's proposal recently won the international competition for the new Stockholm City Planning and Administrative Offices, to be located in the redevelopment area of Söderstaden. Land Arkitektur participated as the landscape architects and SWECO as the structural and energy system engineers.

The building will provide a working environment for 1800 people, as well as a democratic meeting space for civil servants, politicians and the public to discuss the future development of the city. The entire project is seen as a larger re-vitalized urban space that will transform the existing context of large-scale event structures into a more humane environment with a new natural park area as its centerpiece, surrounded by housing, shopping and cultural activities.

In Drivhus, the greenery of the park continues into the building, literally creeping up “under the skin” of the technically advanced double-façade, thereby becoming an integral part of the building’s energy and ventilation system.

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