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Zooco Estudio created pixelated interior for Nuilea cosmetic shop in Madrid

Spain - Aug 1, 2017 - 23:11   6437 views

Madrid-based architecture firm Zooco Estudio created a pixelated interior made of a series of cubes that serve both as storage and display for a new Nuilea cosmetic shop in Madrid, Spain. Called Nuilea, the interior space was designed by being used 40x40 cm wooden cubes that their faces allow repetition, stacking, exhibition and new modulation. 

The client of the project commissioned Zooco Estudio to design a new interior space by keeping the existing premises and reducing the execution time and considering the natural origin of the products.

In response to the client's brief, the studio designed a modular, stackable system, creating a system of fillings and voids. Some of wooden cubes are covered by a special textile while supper areas of the cubes are remained untouched. Lower areas are easily accessible to customers for the sample of the product and upper areas are used for displaying the products. 

The choice of materials responds to the need to express the natural origin of the product. This arrangement gives the space a new topographical impression, respecting the original configuration. The studio chooses white colour to apply upper storage cubes, mimicking the existing wall.

All images © Miguel De Guzman

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