The studio positions itself as a developer of an idea (a concept, an image, etc.). This line of activity is reflected at the studio name, too.

Author group: Diana Morari-Corotchi / Director. Architect. Designer  &  Denis Corotchi / Lead designer

Activity: Architectural design | Interior design | Conceptual design: furniture, installations, product and graphic design.

Architectural goal: creative search for the most expressive ways to solve a design problem.

Lines of activity: Area: External and internal space.  Style: Modern international style and functionalism.

Guiding principles: Generation of a harmonious relationship between man and environment, compliance with the concept of  'form follows function' and development of appropriate solutions combining not only aesthetic, but also technical, social and cultural functions are the basic principles that ArchitypeGroup adheres to in design process.

Algorithm of project development. Organization of design process: A flexible structure of the studio is aimed at creating project teams for work on each object enabling distribution of the most professional resources in their fields in order to create a high-quality product (a design solution). Modern architecture is a complex technological process involving specialists from various fields. An effective design process organization, as well as a comprehensive and integrated approach allow to achieve the maximal result and optimal deadlines.

Style features: We have developed a unified algorithm combining several lines such as modern international style / contemporary, adaptive architecture / parametric, functionalism.A combination is everything. This is how a contrast, an image appears. Personality. Nature of a project. We look for an approach that allows us to achieve new results in case of each project task.

We adhere to progressive trends in architecture. We are interested in adaptive architecture partially perceived as 'architecture of the future'. The factor of novelty is of great importance for us, it is natural for us. This interest in 'new images' has a fruitful effect on the development of experimental architectural concepts.

We like to connect laconic volumes and to animate them with smooth lines and curves by means of dynamic principles of shaping. Our projects make room for flexible planning solutions and transformable facade systems. They are also based on concepts of penetration of an external environment into a structure of a building and relationship with an environment. Constructive transformation techniques support an interconnection of interiors with an environment and a landscape.

Always our intention is to change volumetric-spatial characteristics of an architectural environment, to create a qualitatively new perception of space and, at the same time, to develop projects that are not only interesting, but also are intelligent paying attention to choice of building technologies and materials.

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