The project was developed for a potential customer from the Eastern Netherlands. The location is Hattem, Gelderland, next to forests of the Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe.
Colo 100 is a residence, where morning starts from a 100 meter sprint. The distinguishing feature of the building is three free spaces, which aim to the center and are enclosed by a circular running-track (100 meter sprint) penetrating these spaces. The proportion to the circle has defined project title – Colo.
The project develops two main concepts: an individualism of architecture and a continuous light impact. There is a simple idea behind these concepts — architecture must reflect a rhythm of the owner’s life, gives a freedom of self-expression, a freedom of migration, a freedom of special comfort and individual experience of perception of such a comfort, while a light ensures special conditions for that.
The building is designed in a style with maximal “air”. There are an open internal terrace and big transparent picture windows, which enable observation of the rest of the architecture from internal space of the building. The distinguishing features of the building allow maintaining of internal temperature and ensure panorama view of outskirts within 240 grade angle. The operation of light dominates, while impetuous smooth lines allow the light to better show its worth. Monolithic concrete curves of the building set their own architectonical calligraphy which shapes a signature of the authors’ tandem.
A firmness of the structure is ensured by high-strength reinforced concrete, which shapes special load-carrying system. Such system naturally emphasizes lightness of "aerial" interfloors against a background of boundless "freedom" of stained-glass windows.
Design completeness, smoothness of shapes and expression of ideal bio- ergonomics are achieved by means of application of facing with Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC).


Typology: Villa

Location: Netherlands, Hattem

Area: 620 м2
Adjacent territory: 1 280м2

Client: Private

Diana Morari-Corotchi
Denis Corotchi