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Sustainable Design China Summit 2024 to explore the future of sustainable design in Shanghai

China Architecture News - Jun 12, 2024 - 09:30   2837 views

Sustainable Design China Summit 2024 to explore the future of sustainable design in Shanghai

The Sustainable Design China Summit has shared details and speakers line-up for its upcoming event from 19 to 21 June in the Shanghai World Expo Convention & Exhibition Centre in Shanghai, China

The event, celebrating its third year, will be held in tandem with Design Shanghai for the first time to jointly inspire and create a new wave of sustainable development in the world of design. 

The Sustainable Design China Summit 2024 will explore the path to a circular future, with internationally-acclaimed designers and thought leaders in sustainability. 

Carlo Ratti Associati founder Carlo Ratti, Sustainability Editor Juliet kinsman, OUTCOMIST founder and director Chris Choa, HQ Architects founding partner Erez Ella, FullCycle managing director Stephan Nicoleau are among speakers for this year's summit.

The World Architecture Community is a media partner for the Sustainable Design China Summit 2024, and bringing you the most up-to-date highlights and news from the event.

The summit, which will take place in Design Shanghai's new Hall 4-New Materials & Applications, will feature an inspiring lineup of events and talks from more than 60 speakers. It will offer an international platform for thought leaders, architects, and designers to come together and explore the themes that will shape the future of sustainable design.

Finding new opportunities and disseminating creative ideas and workable solutions for a more sustainable future are the main goals. 

Over the three days of the summit, six progressive themes will be examined, each highlighting a distinct aspect of design's crucial role in sustainability.

"Having hosted two successful editions of the Sustainable Design China Summit, we've seen our platform significantly benefit the sustainable design industry, connecting many companies with real projects. Sustainability is crucial, but many companies have struggled to find the right solutions," said Zhuo Tan, Event Director, Design Shanghai. 

"The summit has become the perfect bridge between suppliers and those in need of sustainable solutions, allowing industry leaders, architects, and designers to access the latest knowledge and practical solutions," Tan added.

Sustainable Design China Summit 2024 to explore the future of sustainable design in Shanghai

Qingdao Future City, Clou Architects. Image © Zhu Runzi 

Find out this year's features and themes at the Sustainable Design China Summit:

Day 1 - AM 

Sustainable Design China Summit will explore the theme of Retail Renaissance: Mall Culture and Sustainability with a keynote speech by John Haffner the Deputy Director of Sustainability at Hang Lung Properties Ltd. Retail Renaissance will explore the paradigm shift of mall culture; recognising the potential of malls not just as commercial hubs, but as new centres of sustainability, community and culture.

Day 1 - PM Well + Good: The Rise of Positive Impact Hospitality & Eco-Travel

Well + Good delves into the intersection of sustainability, wellness and responsible travel, focusing on sustainable strategies for hotels and resorts, and positive impact hospitality. Juliet Kinsman, Sustainability Editor at Condé Nast Traveller, will give a key note on this theme, leading a discussion on ‘The Path Toward Low Impact High Experience Travel’. With further talks from Andy Lantz, Architect and Creative Director of RIOS; Liuwei Zhao,Global Marketing Manager of Tuntex Interiors Materials Co., Ltd; Tinhanei Lee, Senior Director of Owner Relations and Sustainability of Marriott International, among many others.

Sustainable Design China Summit 2024 to explore the future of sustainable design in Shanghai

Easyhome Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex, Stefano Boeri Architetti China. Image courtesy of Sustainable Design China Summit

Day - 2 AM Economics of Climate Change

The theme will explore financing a net zero built environment for sustainable developments. This session will feature joint keynotes by Asha Lad, who is the co-founder of Anabeya, an impact investment company focused on the built environment transition and Stephan Nicoleau the managing director FullCycle an investment company that is accelerating the green energy transition by funding the deployment of climate-restoring technologies and investing in the most scalable and effective low-carbon solutions.

Day - 2 PM Beyond Buildings: Urban Sustainability and Smart Cities

This theme examines the transition to liveable, net-zero smart cities, honing in on the decarbonisation of architecture in the built environment. Chris Choa , Founder and Director of OUTCOMIST, will share a compelling case study Porta Romana on applying this approach. By starting with the desired sustainable outcomes, the team was able to reverse engineer the design, construction, and operational strategies to get there. Chris' keynote will share his insights on using the "Theory of Change" to turn our sustainability goals into reality.

A panel discussion on How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint Through Architecture Across the Building Lifecycle will be moderated by Simone Chen, founder of Vestibule Consulting, with participating speakers Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer of City Developments Limited; and Dr. Yibo Xu, partner and general manager of Stefano Boeri Architetti, Chris Choa, Founder and Director of OUTCOMIST.

Sustainable Design China Summit 2024 to explore the future of sustainable design in Shanghai

Jinmao Shenyuam, Shanghai Jin Mao Tower, Xinyue Green Asset Backed Special Plan (Carbon Neutral), BRE. Image courtesy of Sustainable Design China Summit

Day 3 - AM 3D Printing: Transforming the World of Design and Architecture

The development of 3D printing technology has changed the perception of architecture and has expanded its design possibilities. With a keynote by Alena Kharissova, Sustainability Lead, Mighty buildings this theme will explore how the use of 3D printing materials has resulted in architectural spaces with alternative structures and finishes which are accelerating the transition to net Zero in the built environment.

DAY 3 - PM Future Space: Where Technology and Sustainability Meet

Keynote speakers include Erez Ella, the founding partner of HQ Architects, and Xin Wang, the associate director and architecture design lead at Arup, among many others who will be exploring this theme and the AI- Human Transitions- required to prepare for a New Reality in Design and Architecture. Future Space will be looking at a new reality in design and architecture, exploring the potential and impact of AI in urban planning and infrastructure design. Feng Yuan, renowned as a 3D printing expert in China, will be speaking on the topic and sharing innovative projects; Professor Carlo Ratti, a leading voice in the debate on new technologies’ impact on urban life and design will be speaking on Preparing for a New Reality in Design and Architecture.

Sustainable Design China Summit 2024 to explore the future of sustainable design in Shanghai

The Negev Desert City, HQ Architects. Image courtesy of Sustainable Design China Summit

"Good design must now consider environmental impact; Architects, property developers and urban planners are the starting point for urban and rural developments. Therefore they have a responsibility to establish and embed positive environmental, social and circular strategies into urban development policies and building design. The design industry needs to prioritise the implementation of regenerative strategies," said Orianna Fielding, Chief Sustainability Adviser and Content Director, Sustainable Design Summits China.

"This year's Sustainable Design Summit will explore 6 new themes that will present the latest innovations in the fields of architecture and design and share insights and actionable solutions that will shape a sustainable future, by exploring the potential of design to drive positive change," Fielding added.

Orianna Fielding will be giving her introductory Keynote speech 'The things about things' How to live a circular regenerative life, on Day 1 at 9.40am.

Sustainable Design China Summit 2024 to explore the future of sustainable design in Shanghai

Prof. Carlo Ratti (top left); Juliet kinsman (top centre); Chris Choa (top right); Erez Ella (bottom left); Stephan Nicoleau (bottom centre); Andy Lantz (bottom right). Image courtesy of Sustainable Design China Summit


Inspired by the devastating effects of climate change on the Arctic, Ludovico Einaudi, the world-renowned Italian pianist, performed his specially composed “Elegy for the Arctic'', against the backdrop of the Wahlenbergbreen glacier. This poignant and powerful performance will be available to view within a digital screening space at the summit, allowing visitors a fully immersive experience.

Sustainable Design China Summit 2024 to explore the future of sustainable design in Shanghai

Elegy for the Arctic by Ludovico Einaudi. Image courtesy of Sustainable Design China Summit

Materials First presents a curated display of material samples by the world leading expert in materials and CMF, Chris Lefteri. 

The installation incorporates more than a hundred materials and interactive samples across 3 different groups: circular, future materials, and new waste. 

Lefteri invites visitors to change their perspective on the purpose of materials, to not only view them as technical solutions, but as characters in stories, "Historically materials selection has been left to the end of a project but I want to invite visitors to start with samples, asking the question what can I do with this material. Materials have the ability to change the way users feel and to create a rich narrative."

Sustainable Design China Summit 2024 to explore the future of sustainable design in Shanghai

Materials First. Image courtesy of Sustainable Design China Summit

Alongside the host of talks and panel discussions, Sustainable Design China Summit also reveals 4 captivating features and installations this year.

In collaboration with the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Sustainable Design China Summit also presents “Near and Distant”, an exhibition grounded in the context of today’s ever-evolving challenges, conflicts and social responsibility. Tapping into 3 different dimensions: time, space, and events, “Near and Distant” provides a global platform for young and emerging Chinese talents to showcase their visionary designs.

For more information and registration, visit this page

Top image in the article: Helsinki Aerial, Carlo Ratti Associati. Image © CRA graphic team / Gary di Silvio, Pasquale Milieri, Gianluca Zimbardi.

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