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KAAN Architecten introduces short film series MINUTES

Netherlands Architecture News - Mar 31, 2021 - 18:47   4672 views

KAAN Architecten introduces short film series MINUTES

MINUTES is a series of short films by international filmmakers. The series portrays a selection of projects designed by KAAN Architecten.

"Every building tells a story"

Based on this essential belief, KAAN Architecten started a long-term research and dialogue with a group of international filmmakers in 2017. The 4-year-collaboration has resulted in 12 short films, exploring architecture in relation to ‘time’, each in a specific context. Displaying architecture as a dynamic instead of a static, implemented with the motion of the day-to-day use.

KAAN Achitecten states: "Their [filmmakers] brand new perception yielded impressive and diverse visual storytelling about the project we (thought we) knew for years."

They continue: "Traditional architecture representation methods immortalize a building in time, freezing it in a perfect shape and light. What happens when we introduce a new factor to architectural communication?."

Organized in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, "12 ways to film a building" is the first event about the series. The premiere will take place on April 8th, at 19:30 (CET). Senior Curator of Exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Brendan Cormier, will host the launch. This will consist of both the introduction of the MINUTES series and a discussion with the filmmakers themselves.

The participating filmmakers are: Joana Colomar, Mirte van Duppen, From Form, Chris de Krijger, Jaime Levinas, Romain Loiseau, Dorian de Rijk, Tristan Soreau, Spirit of Space, Giulio Squillacciotti, Miguel C. Tavares, Katja Verheul, and Benitha Vlok.

"We sincerely hope this can be the start of an extended discussion about the buildings surrounding us, their role in society, and our relationship with them," said KAAN Architecten.

Watch the trailer for the series below.

Top image courtesy of KAAN Architecten.

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