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Entry Deadline Extended To The WA Awards 30th Cycle

United Kingdom Architecture News - Jan 27, 2019 - 01:37   5248 views

Entry Deadline Extended To The WA Awards 30th Cycle

For those of you who need a little extra time, the entry deadline for the WA Awards 10+5+X 30th Cycle has been extended until Thursday, January 31, 2019.

We have given you extra time to submit your entries to the WA Awards 30th Cycle - all entries must now be submitted by Thursday, January 31, 2019. This gives you an extra more than two weeks to send your submissions and get the recognition it deserves!

Important reminders about the WA Awards

There are 3 categories in which you can compete: Realised and Designed, both open for our Associate members (participation fees apply - $100 for Designed and $200 for Realised) and Professional members (free as part of the Professional membership benefits - $180 annual subscription). Plus, the Student category, exclusively reserved to our Academic members (participation is free).

Students can follow these steps to validate their accounts and send their projects in easiest way. 

There are 2 selection methods for winning: one by the votes of the World Architecture Community Honorary Members combined with the votes of the previous cycle winners, who form our jury, and another by the ratings of fellow WAC members (open to all members), democratically and totally transparently (a minimum of 15 rates are required to qualify)...More information on the WA Awards and the participation procedure may be found in our WA Awards section.

You may consult the last and earlier cycles winners'  projects in our WA Awards winners section.

Hurry up and participate to the WA Awards today to make sure you and your project get the recognition you deserve. Start your registrations from here or if you're already Associate Member of WAC, go to your "My Projects" page to send one of your projects. 

Cover image: Dersyn Studio’s Z9 Resort in Thailand, winner of WA Awards in the 29th Cycle.