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World Architecture Day! Clean environment for a healthy world

United Kingdom Architecture News - Oct 04, 2021 - 00:16   4020 views

World Architecture Day! Clean environment for a healthy world

Today is World Architecture Day! Created by the International Union of Architects (UIA) in 1985, World Architecture Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October in parallel with UN World Habitat Day

The idea was simple to celebrate World Architecture Day: "to reflect on the state of our towns and cities and the basic right of all to adequate shelter. It is also intended to remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat."

Therefore, World Architecture Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October under a different theme, this year's theme is "Clean environment for a healthy world" addressing to today's global issues such as housing, public spaces, and their relation to climate change in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Housing: The UIA firmly believes that all humans have the right to adequate housing. According to UN- Habitat, more than 1.8 billion people worldwide lack adequate housing. It estimates that by 2030, 40 percent of the world’s population will need access to adequate housing, a precondition for access to employment, education, health and social services.

Public Spaces: The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact in shaping how we view the future of public buildings and open spaces. Cities on the frontlines of the health crisis and response efforts around the world are uniquely prepared to rebuild sustainably and resiliently while reducing inequalities and focusing on inclusion.

Climate Change: The United Nations Environment Programme estimates that cities are responsible for 75 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, with transport and buildings being among the largest contributors. Architects are equipped to respond to the complex challenges of the built environment. The UIA SDG Commission works to create a bridge between the UN initiatives and the practices of architects around the world. It aims to ensure that architects are not just responsive to the new Agenda for Sustainable Development, but instrumental in its implementation and evolution.

With this theme, the UIA hopes to contribute to the global conversation on the UN's 2030 Development Agenda.

World Architecture Day! Clean environment for a healthy world

Image courtesy of UIA

To celebrate World Architecture Day and mobilize architects, urbanists, city leaders and experts from all over the world, the UIA is hosting a webinar today, 4 October at 12:00 GMT (14:00 CEST) with experts from around the world. The panel discussion will be opened with remarks from UIA President José Luis Cortés and moderated by Martha Thorne, Dean of IE School of Architecture & Design in Spain, the webinar’s keynote speaker will be Dr. Margaret Chan, former Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The event will feature presentations from:

  • Maria Neira (Spain), Director, Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health, World Health Organisation
  • Tommy Valdez (Philippines), Member of the Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Housing (EAROPH) and President, Society of Filipino Foresters Inc. (SFFI)
  • Richard Nii Dadey (Ghana), Architect
  • Ray Pentecost (USA), Director, UIA Public Health Group

You can register for the webinar on this link.

The UIA encourages all its Member Sections, architects and architecture students around the world to participate in World Architecture Day 2021 by developing their own activities based on this year’s theme, advocating for greener and more sustainable architectural practices, and joining the UIA World Architecture Day Webinar on 4 October. 

Top image (from left to right): Shanghai PTArchitects' THE GRAND CANAL Experience Center, Zaha Hadid Architects' Eleftheria Square © Laurian Ghinitoiu, Lin Chen's Mountain House In Mist © Zhao Yilong, Chen Lin, VTN Architects' Nocenco Cafe, Yazgan Design Architecture's Longosphere Glamping © Emre Dörter, TAA Design's Tony Fruit Office © Hoang Le.