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5 reasons why you should post a job on WA Jobs

United Kingdom Architecture News - Apr 27, 2022 - 12:20   1675 views

5 reasons why you should post a job on WA Jobs

We've launched the World Architecture Jobs (WA Jobs), a new recruitment service that aims to brings job seekers and employers together in a stand-alone jobs section. 

With its clean, user-friendly and professional interface, the WA Jobs is a dedicated recruitment service that brings together the future talents with architects, architectural offices, institutes, organizations and agencies from all over the world.

Indian architecture practice Studio Symbiosis, Polish architecture firm BXB studio, Bali-based architecture firm Alexis Dornier and Berkeley-based firm Wong Logan Architects are among the latest employers featuring on the WA Jobs. 

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5 reasons why you should post a job on WA Jobs

Here're the five reasons why you should post a job on the WA Jobs:

1. Instant visibility on the WA Jobs: When an employer post a job, a job post is showcased within 24 hours on the WA Jobs, thus, employers get instant visibility for their job posts.

2. WAC offers diverse and different geographical distribution for your Job Posts: The main difference from other architectural portals and websites that offer similar services is the geographic diversity of their visitors. According to our current data (data based on Google Analytics), in the last 12 months, the Western World represented 48,5% (USA, Canada, EU and ANZ) of all our visitors. 

The remaining 44,4% of our visitors is from Asia, while China together with Hong Kong is on the 4th row on our most visiting countries list. 4,5% of our visitors is from Africa and 2,4% is from Latin America. 

This makes the WA Jobs the perfect meeting point for all, whether they come from the West or the East.

5 reasons why you should post a job on WA Jobs

3. The most affordable prices for your job posts: The WA Jobs offers the most affordable prices for your job posts. Employers can purchase a 60-day Single Job Post for only $75, while our 60-day Featured Single Job Post is $150. 

All Featured Job Posts are showcased at the top of the jobs main page, and they are shared once on our social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook). WAC has more than 1 Million social media followers that make up the highly engaged community of WAC.

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5 reasons why you should post a job on WA Jobs

4. Larger display of office logo and easy-access to office page: At WA Jobs, employers' logos, office pages, and office website links are more visible and easy accessible. Employers can create an office page, add members of the office to the page, enter logo, give their website link and add office's social media links. 

Besides, If employers are posting a job specifically for a project, they can also add a large project image to their job ad page. You can see the example on a posted position for Senior Computational Design Architect by Studio Symbiosis. 

The presentations of individual job posts are showcased like regular news articles of WAC, and this makes your job ads even more visible while scrolling at the page.  

5. Easy access to manage their applications: Employers can manage their applications easily from their account by clicking the Applications button under each job ad. In addition, they receive a notification email when a candidate has applied to their job.

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World Architecture Community Professional Members receive “A Single Job Post” for free of charge, which will be valid for 6 months. If you're not a WAC Professional Member yet, find out WA Professional Membership benefits and upgrade your account on your WAC settings. 

World Architecture Community has over 37,000 registered members from 200+ countries. Posting your ads at WA Jobs will be showcased to a more diverse audience on WAC with over 190,000 unique visitors per month.

If you have further questions, you can visit our FAQ page, or send us an email at: [email protected].

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