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Competition launched for the new 2021 Bauhaus Campus for students

Germany Architecture News - Dec 11, 2020 - 16:11   7146 views

Competition launched for the new 2021 Bauhaus Campus for students

The challenge you are about to embark is the design of the new 2021 Bauhaus Campus. An educational space where the status quo of architecture can be challenged and where new ideas and solutions can be explored. 

The 2021 Bauhaus Campus is not meant to be a traditional university, but a creative and explorative space instead. The campus will not offer the traditional undergraduate, graduate or masters programs, there will be no exams, no grades… Instead, students and professionals from around the globe who have shown an interested in proposing design and architecture solutions to today’s problems, will be invited to come together on campus for different periods of time to share their ideas and visions. 

There will be no preestablished hierarchy between campus attendees. Anyone will be free to organize a group, a class or a workshop, to share their knowledge or learn together, and anyone will be free to join or attend if they have an interest in the topic.

After putting his career as an architect on hold to fight the first world war between 1914 and 1918, Walter Gropius sensed the world needed a radical change, a change in which arts and architecture would play a fundamental role. 

His previous ideas of what architecture should be didn’t quite make sense anymore. His new vision of architecture was one were all arts came together to re-imagine the material world, were craftmanship would reclaim its leading position in the production process and were artists would find a way to imprint their soul and essence into rational, useful and beautiful objects that could be mass produced following the ideals of Fordism and Taylorism.

It was 1919 in post-war Weimar, Germany. Walter Gropius had just founded the Bauhaus. One of the most radical evolutions architecture has ever experienced was about to begin.

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Addenda architects, Architects of the Bauhaus Museum in Dessau.

Bajet Giramé, Barcelona based firm founded by former David Chipperfield architects.

Montserrat Villaverde, Historian and Architecture History teacher at La Salle University.

Leku Studio, Studio focused on urban design in a range of different scales.


- All participants will get access to exclusive online lectures.

- 3000€ in cash.

- Magazine subscriptions.

- Pack of Phaidon architecture books.

- GoPillar academy courses.

- Publication on digital media.

- Personalized feedback from the jury.

- Printed participation certificates.


Special registration period: November 23rd  – January 31st   

Early registration period: February 1st  -  March 7th  

Regular registration period: March 8th  – April 4th

End of questions period: April 11th  

Submission deadline: April 15th  

Winners announced: May 15th

You can download the competition brief, working materials on this page and register to the competition from here.  

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