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Open International Competition on Climate Change - Be the Change 2020 – 2021

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Open International Competition on Climate Change - Be the Change 2020 – 2021

Theme: How Climate Change is affecting Communities, Cities and Countries? Take the Problem as an opportunity for expressing ideas and designs to bring the change.

Climate change is creating vulnerable situations globally, creating problems and risks from drought conditions to flooding. Its impact on the environment, people, economy, social structure and political scenario is unimaginative. Climate change is not going to happen in the coming ten years or in the next one year, it is happening now!!! It’s time to change and be the change. Take the problem as an opportunity to arrive at simple sustainable ideas for better communities, cities and countries.

“Every line you draw should have meaning to it” – Ketham Santosh Kumar


1. To Bring awareness on climate change globally

2. To make people think out of the box and bring simple solutions to improve

3. To create state of the art platform for bringing together ideas of youth and professionals

4. To showcase 20 best projects in open exhibition

5. Encourage young and creative ideas on climate change by awarding prizes

6. Online and public exhibition voting for selecting top 3 projects


1. First winner – Euro 250 + Exhibition + Certificate + Trophy + Thinking Hand T-shirt

2. Second winner – Euro 150 + Exhibition + Certificate + Thinking Hand T-shirt

3. Third winner – Euro 100 + Exhibition + Certificate + Thinking Hand T-shirt

4. Shortlisted 20 best entries will be in 2021 Exhibition

Important Dates:

15 August 2020 – Competition launch

30 September 2020 – Last date for Registration

15 October 2020 – Late Registration

15 November 2020 – Last date for submissions

15 December 2020 – Shortlist of 20 Best entries

16 December 2020 – 15 January 2021 – Online public voting for top three best projects on Instagram or facebook page (likes and comments)

23 & 24 January 2021 – Open Exhibition (voting for top three best projects)

26 January 2021 – Final Results

All you need to do:

1All participants need to comment on the competition Instagram or Facebook page by mentioning their intent for participation. Send your registration copy with name, age, profession, address & contact no. at [email protected]

2. Up on registration you will receive unique competition code.

3. Maximum two people in a team can participate.

4. Download A2 size competition format sheet for design

Click for Climate Change Be the Change Competition A2 Sheet Format

Projects Submission details and Criteria: 

1. One A2 size competition format sheet only.

2. Project should showcase innovative ideas on solving issues related to climate change. Example: air, water, flooding, ecology, nature, plastic, recycling etc.

3. Output may be in the form of Sketches, Painting, Handmade Drawings or Graphical presentation along with text.

4. Participants need to place unique code on A2 sheet right top corner (as per enclosed format sheet). Please do not mention your name, any marks or symbols etc. (if mentioned your project will be disqualified)

5. Send your project to [email protected].

Give away!! Giving away five free registrations of climate change- be the change 2020.

To enter the give away kindly follow the rules below:

1. Follow us on instagram and facebook.

2. Share the competition on your story by tagging us.

3. Write your view about climate change.

4. Tag minimum five or more than five friends to increase the chances of winning the give away!

Winners will be announced 21st Aug 2020.


1. Early registration- Euro 29 (15 – 31 August 2020)

Registration: €29.00

2. Regular registration – Euro 39 (01 – 30 September 2020)

3. Late registration- Euro 59 (30 September – 15 October 2020)

For more information email us: [email protected].

Supported and Funded by – Ketham’s Atelier Architects

Education & Awareness on climate change by – Thinking Hand NGO

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