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Sanjay Puri talks on "Communicating Architecture" in WAC's Instagram Live interview

India Architecture News - Apr 26, 2020 - 10:44   9274 views

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In the time of quarantine, nothing has been more important than the communication and the necessity of digital environment itself.

Even though all architects, designers and creative industries have shifted their daily work patterns to WFH (work from home), within this period, the architecture profession has continued to show a super empowerment on its mission, not only by fulfilling its daily business and requirements but also by trying to set a well-grounded base on communication more than ever.

In the future of design, to name a few, urbanism will take a more radical stance in terms of a healthy infrastructure, the DNA of materials will come into the projects as key factors, the design aspects of kitchens and bathrooms will be rediscussed due to physical distancing. Namely, all design inputs are already prepared to change in architects' agenda due to Covid-19.

In the light of these changes or new ideas that may arise, WAC has launched a series of live streaming sessions on WAC's Instagram Account with the world's prominent architects and WAC's Reporters and Country Editors. WAC's live interviews will focus on a variety of topics decided by WAC Reporter or Editor. 

Our first live streaming session will be held by our India Reporter Pappal Suneja with his guest, world-renowned Indian architect Sanjay Puri, Honorary Member of WAC and Founder of Sanjay Puri Architects. The sessions will be around 20-30 minutes to deliver a quick and light discussion to our global community. 

WAC will announce a new live streaming session, once receives confirmation from a new architect.

WAC Instagram Live Interview

Theme: "Communicating Architecture"

Host: Pappal Suneja, WAC India Reporter

Date: 2nd May 2020/3pm (Indian Standard Time)

Venue: WAC Instagram