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International Competition Announced for Development of Gyumri Friendship Park in Armenia

Armenia Architecture News - Jul 01, 2020 - 16:29   2730 views

International Competition Announced for Development of Gyumri Friendship Park in Armenia

The Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation launches an Open International Competition for Recreational Infrastructure Elements Design in Gyumri Friendship Park. Applications are open on July 1-29, 2020.

The competition is a part of the integrated development and restoration of Gyumri within Armenia 2020 Initiative. The renovated park will not only become a new public space for the Gyumri people and guests of the city but also a symbol of friendship and gratitude to the countries that have supported the city’s rehabilitation after the devastating earthquake in 1988.

The competition is aimed at selecting the best architectural and planning solutions reflecting the city’s identity and conveying the idea of international collaboration. The design of recreational infrastructure elements will help talented architects from across the globe to co-create a modern public venue and diversify the city’s territory.

In October 2020, the winners will be announced and the park’s final design project will be presented. The finalists will have the opportunity to implement their architectural projects in the new public space in Gyumri.

"The restoration of the Friendship Park is very important for the people of Gyumri. It will become a unique project, fostering the development of tourism and the city’s infrastructure. We are glad that the people of Gyumri have accepted the project and embraced its significance. This project brought people together and this truly will be a park of friendship and gratitude," says Ruben Vardanyan, Co-Founder of IDeA Foundation.


First nomination winner: $3,500

Second nomination winner: $3,500

Third nomination winner: $3,500

*The list of nominations will be published on the competition website no later than July 20, 2020


See the jury panel on the website


Deadline for applications: July 29, 2020

First jury session, selection of 20 finalists: August 20, 2020

Start of development of the competition proposals: August 23, 2020

Deadline for filing competition proposals: September 21, 2020

Winners announcement: October 19, 2020

Eligibility Criteria for the Competition Participants

1. Any individual entrepreneur or legal entity is eligible for the Competition if:
— it is properly established and is operating in compliance with the Law of the Republic of Armenia or any other state;
— it has the legal capacity to carry out entrepreneurial activities and participate in the Competition;
— it does not have the bankruptcy indicators and is not in a liquidation state according to the applicable law.

2. Any competent individual who is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia or any other state can be a participant of the Competition if he/she registers himself/herself as an individual entrepreneur by the moment of finalisation of the Competition results.

3. Participation in the Competition is also possible as part of a consortium of Participants. All the Participants of the consortium should meet the requirements set in the Competition Rules. provisions of the Competition Rules. Enlarging or reducing the consortium is only allowed by the deadline for submission of the Applications for the Competition.

4. It is not allowed to participate in the Competition simultaneously as an individual and as part of a consortium.

5. The Participant can send only one Application for participation in the Competition. The same rule also applies to a consortium of Participants.

Download the competition rules here: rules_en.pdf

Learn more about the rules of participation and submit the application on the official competition website.

IDeA Foundation

Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation for creating long-term programs for sustainable development of Armenia. IDeA has long-term positive socio-economic impact for Armenia by partnering with the government, international organizations, private investors and local communities. The key elements of the development concept are – increasing prosperity, harmonious social environment, cultural development and preservation of the national identity. Gyumri Development Programhas a special strategic importance for tourism and urban development.   

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