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Call for Papers to STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism magazine Issue 19: FREQUENCY

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Call for Papers to STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism magazine Issue 19: FREQUENCY

STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism magazine has announced a call for its Issue 19 theme: FREQUENCY. Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time. The time frame is the duration of cycles in a recurring event, where the time frame is the reciprocal of the frequency.

FREQUENCY is a dimension defined by actions and time.

FREQUENCY is not only defined by conditions enabling optimal phases, but also by discordant conditions reducing interferences between frequencies.

FREQUENCY is the distribution of size by rank, in decreasing order of size. The data could vary significantly in scale, but distributions frequently follow a power-law distribution.

In recent months we observed the power of low and high frequencies in the city, which was manifested in an economy clash, clean environments, riots, and public health hazards, creating the necessity for architects, urban designer, and theorists, to rethink the established concept of the city, public space and user interaction.

STUDIO #19 FREQUENCY aims to understand how the city reacts to extreme situations and how architecture can interpret and act on its observations, data, and future necessities. What is the long term consequence of low and high FREQUENCY? How to predict and interpret the FREQUENCY in our cities? What are the values and qualities of the architectural FREQUENCY? How is FREQUENCY changing the way we live, design, and look at the city?

Submission Guidelines

We are accepting proposals for our forthcoming issue FREQUENCY
Contributions may be submitted in different forms – essays, photographic projects, illustrations, data visualizations, case studies and projects, interviews, comic strips and even novels – exploring the issue in any field of design: architecture, urbanism, art, photography, graphic design, film... etc.

STAGE 01 (Abstract) - August 30th 2020

- Contributors are asked to send a 200-words abstract about the proposal. 

- The abstract must be written in English

- Maximum size of the submission (image included if present): 2MB

STAGE 02 (Final Piece) - September 20th 2020

- Selected contributors are asked to send the final piece, following the guidelines below:


- Essays, interviews and novels should not exceed 3.000 words maximum. - All texts have to be submitted digitally in Microsoft Word (.doc).

- The piece must be written both in English and in the Original language.


- Photographic essays, illustrations, projects...etc. should be sent with a 500 words maximum description.
- All images have to be submitted full color (CMYK), in either JPEG or TIFF format (300 ppi, 36x25 cm)
- All drawings have to be submitted full color, in PDF format.
- For every image/graphic include illustration source, name of photographer/artist and the authorization of copyright holder.


- A short biography of the author/s (max. 50 words)

Without these simple requirements you won’t be publish.


All submissions via e-mail to: [email protected].

STAGE 01: August 30th 2020 

STAGE 02: September 20th 2020 

PUBLICATION: October 2020

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