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Columbia GSAPP Presents 2020 End of Year Show Online

United States Architecture News - May 18, 2020 - 11:35   3980 views

Columbia GSAPP Presents 2020 End of Year Show Online

Columbia GSAPP has launched its annual End of Year Show on May 16, 2020, as an extensive online presentation of student work from across the school. 

The Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation marks the end of each academic year by celebrating the work of its students from across the academic programs at the annual End of Year Show. 

Columbia GSAPP Presents 2020 End of Year Show Online

In a press release, the school said "As the unprecedented Spring 2020 semester comes to a close, Columbia GSAPP is proud to continue this tradition with a more expansive and accessible representation of student work than ever before."

Columbia GSAPP Presents 2020 End of Year Show Online

Qi Yang's "Mind In Motion", developed as part of the studio "Everything Must Scale 3: Architecture and the Teacher-less School". Students composed of Leon Esmaeel, Ge Guo, Hyeokyoung Lee, Adam Susaneck, Jiacheng Wang, Qi Yang. Image © Qi Yang

Launched on Saturday, May 16 at 3pm, the exhibition website provides access to nearly 3,000 images and documents representing projects by students in the Master of Architecture; Advanced Architectural Design; Architecture and Urban Design; Urban Planning; Historic Preservation; Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices; and Real Estate Development programs.

Columbia GSAPP Presents 2020 End of Year Show Online

Architecture Advanced VI: So Jin Kim: Interior rendered perspective. The studio questioned "Havana Micro X: Modernist City Planning Model in a Post-Modern World". Students composed of Anna Creatura, Berkhan Eminsoy, Rebecca Greenberg, Shengyang He, Sirenia Kim, So Jin Kim, Frank Mandell, Kate McNamara. Image © So Jin Kim

"The unfolding global pandemic has upended the conventions of both student life and pedagogy at the school. Working under unimaginable constraints and through a spectrum of emotions, faculty and students have explored new forms of collaboration and tested new modes of communication—in the process, unwittingly overhauling preconceived ideas of what architectural education can do and what a school of architecture can be," said Dean Amale Andraos.

"More broadly, the pandemic has unsettled our worldviews, fundamentally transforming how we understand our bodies, borders, and the entanglement of social, political, and economic networks. Many students tackled these issues head-on in their academic work this Spring, engaging design and spatial thinking to scrutinize the infrastructures, inequities, and technologies that continuously reshape the world." 

"The ethos that permeates student projects and the profound sense of community that energized this semester reveal an emerging generation of designers and thinkers—deeply empathetic and with a revised global outlook—who are poised to steer radical new directions for the built environment," added Andraos. 

Columbia GSAPP Presents 2020 End of Year Show Online

The End of Year Show showcases a large selection of research, analysis, and design projects created during the course of the year with a particular focus on work from Spring 2020. 

Online for the first time, the exhibition’s digital platform includes drawings and renderings, animations and films, web-based projects, thesis abstracts and development case studies, books and portfolios, and a series of conversations between the first- and second-year students of the MSCCCP program.

Columbia GSAPP Presents 2020 End of Year Show Online

Selected highlights include: 

- Award-winning Design Portfolios

- 17 Advanced Architecture Studios with projects by each graduating Master of Architecture and Advanced Architectural Design student

- Urban Design Studio III documentation and microsite on the investigation of water urbanism in the Great Rift Valley with projects in Tel Aviv, Addis Ababa, and Beira

- Visual Studies projects responding to the current crisis through the online publication Spatial Quaranzine

- Historic Preservation Technology Studio in which students explored applications of technology in conservation with field work in Venice

- Urban Planning Studios with projects spanning Buenos Aires, Milan, Puerto Rico, and Long Island City.

- 30 Capstone Development Case Studies that synthesize the analytical, comparative, and critical processes in Real Estate Development

All images courtesy of Columbia GSAPP unless otherwise stated. 

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