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Competition: “Le Festival des Cabanes” The hut Festival 5th Edition

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Competition: “Le Festival des Cabanes” The hut Festival 5th Edition

A hut is a magical place that sends us back to our childhoods, through imagination and tales. This is the inspiration for an architectural contest launched in the area of the Annecy Lake Springs federation of municipalities.

The contest idea was developed by architect David Hamerman and is open to architecture MA students and graduated architects. The aim is to create huts that will be set up in symbolic places throughout the Annecy Lake Springs federation of municipalities, situated between Annecy and Albertville as well as on sites of the commune of Saint Galmier.

The contest is open to:

- Architecture graduate students or graduate students with further degrees as of the 2019/2020 school year,

- Graduated architects,

Where team registration is concerned, at least one of the team members, the representative, has to match these criteria.


The candidates send in their application. They can only apply to construct a maximum of one hut. Between December 10th and April 17th 2020 they will have to choose their registration number (point 2), put their application file together (point 3) and send it to the address below:

La soierie "le festival des cabanes"

141 Route d’Albertville


A lump sum of 1500 Euros is awarded to each laureate. Wood orders will be deducted from this amount. The reimbursement takes into account all costs linked to the candidate or team’s participation in Phase 4 (construction material, wood, potential labour, lodging during the construction, purchase of portable tools, attending the grand openingceremony...). None of the costs previous to phase 4 will be reimbursed.

For foreign winners residing outside the European community, and brought to materialize their project, a lump sum of 200 Euros per person (maximum two people) will help for travelling (plane, train, car).


Between May 15th and June 30th 2020, each winner will build his/her hut on scale 1 on the site that he/she has been appointed.

By participating in the contest, candidates commit to developing their projects until the end of the construction phase. They also commit to being present at the Festival opening ceremony on July 4th. In case of withdrawal, the jury may change the award and the team.

Huts shall be finished by June 4th 2020, the day of the Festival’s opening ceremony.

As each site is a sensitive natural location, candidates commit to maintaining a clean site during the construction work as well as during the delivery period. Be very careful not to use toxic products (lacquer, glue, white spirit...). Depending on each site’s condition, it may be possible to obtain natural materials from the site (moss, branches...). As some sites may present special conditions, certain considerations may need to be taken into account (access to the public, respect for a nearby stream...).

To read more information about the competition, download the competition brief from here: Contest_rules_le_festival_des_cabanes_2020.pdf

Read more about the competition here

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