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Met Museum receives criticism for its over executive pay

United States Architecture News - Mar 20, 2017 - 16:28   13661 views

Met Museum receives criticism for its over executive pay

Met's Director Thomas Campbell resigned due to a fiscal crisis and over pressure circulating among the staff, announced Met Museum earlier this month. Now, the Met Museum has come under further criticism for its over executive payments. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art doled out hefty pay raises and six-figure bonuses to top executives despite a looming deficit that threatened to reach $40 million, records show. Although the museum was already losing millions when Daniel Weiss took the helm as president in July 2015, he still got a $300,000 bonus for less than half a year on the job, according to the museum’s 2015 federal tax filings, the latest available for the troubled arts institution.

In fact, Weiss’s total compensation for six months of work came to $818,112, which included a salary of $327,931 and a housing allowance for his Park Avenue apartment......Continue Reading

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