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Call for entries to "Semana de la arquitectura 2018", Barcelona

Spain Architecture News - Mar 24, 2018 - 05:54   18559 views

Call for entries to

Architecture and design festivals across European cities seem to be popping up with increasing frequency, with new locations added to the list of host cities every year. However, one criticism that may be made about these events is the short period of time over which they are held. Some of the best festivals with the most intriguing events are unfortunately too often restricted to a single weekend, transforming them into a sprint across the city to visit the maximum number of buildings rather than a pleasant, slower paced marathon. Its for that reason why weeklong events, such as the recently announced “semana de la arquitectura 2018” (Architecture Week 2018) in Barcelona, are an appealing breath of fresh air.

Despite its name, the recently announced event, now in only its second year, will be held across ten days running from 10 to the 20th May 2018. The event is a collaboration between the council of barcelona (Ayuntamiento de Barcelona), the College of architecture of Catalonia (COAC) and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation. Also collaborating in this years event will be ArquinFAD and Barcelona Building Construmat. Continuing from the success from last year’s first edition of this festival, the event will be held in various locations throughout the city.

This year's event coincides with the European year of cultural heritage. During the 10 day long festival, Barcelona will be converted into the epicentre of a large spectrum of activities all related to the world of Architecture and urbanism with the ambition of stimulating discourse and reflections about the built environment in cities and its value, by means of numerous events and conferences that will be held.

Last year's event was a great success, and included numerous fascinating events and talks. Some stand out events from last years festival included a film cycle entitles “Barcelona de película” (Barcelona of film), which consisted of a week long showing of films about the Catalan capital. 

Call for entries to

College of the architects of Barcelona, starting place for the "Ribiera i Born" walking tour in the 2017 festival. Image © arqxarq

Also included in last years event were numerous “arquitectours”, a series of urban walks organised by the college of architecture of Catalonia (COAC). The routes could be taken by foot or on bike, and were organised with the objective of explaining the urban renovation taking place throughout the city.

Call for entries to

The "eixample Patio", beside the Sant Antoni library by RCR architects, part of last years "arquitectours". Image © Hisao Suzuki

The call for entries to this years event has only recently been announced, meaning those interested in participating in the event still have plenty of time to apply to be part of this great festival, as entries remain open until 5th April 2018. Various types of events that fit with the theme of the festival could be considered for participation in the event, including conferences, artistic installations, book presentations, cinema cycles, open doors in architectural studios, guided architecture routes, workshops and much more.

Anyone wanting to participate in the event simply has to fill in the online form found here, with an attached documentation describing the proposal.

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