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Blank Space reveals New Fairy Tales Book featuring 25 beautifully illustrated stories

United States Architecture News - Aug 08, 2016 - 14:20   14355 views

Blank Space reveals New Fairy Tales Book featuring 25 beautifully illustrated stories

Blank Space, an online competition platform for architecture, released its the third volume of the Fairy Tales book last week. Led by Matthew Hoffman and Francesca Giuliani, Blank Space runs international competitions to provoke society's role in architecture and bring new initiatives and discourses through communication, writing, narrative, stories and illustrations. Focusing on a good communication in architecture, Blank Space creates new opportunities for design to engage the public via their innovative and powerful competition topics.

The third volume of the Fairy Tales book will ship shortly, and today is the last day to pre-order a copy for $14 and save some money off of the cover price.

Since its inception in 2013, the Fairy Tales competition has grown to be the largest annual architecture competition in the world. This book brings together 25 of the most innovative stories submitted to this year's competition, out of a field of 1,500 participants. The format of each story varies dramatically - from comics to love stories, text messages to police reports - but the mission is the same: to dramatically rethink how architecture addresses the real issues we face today.

Pre-order your copy here. All pre-orders will be shipped by August 19th.

The 25 beautifully illustrated stories include:

The Lunar Field by Ken Chongsuwat
Toll by Sean Cottengim & Alex Gormley
The Machine Is A House For Living In by Mihir Desai & Lekha Samant
The Block Party by Scott Lindberg & Katherine Nesse
Honey Street by Rubin Quarcoopome
A Case Of Pareidolia by Justin Scherma Parscher
12 Nautical Miles by Kobi Logendrarajah
Welcome To The 5th Facade by Olson Kundig - Alan Maskin, Jerome Tryon, Kevin Scott, Gabriela Frank, Katie Miller
Malthusian Curve Program - Love Is To Die by Liao Hung Kai & Huang Hsiao Rou
+Z by Patch Dobson-Pérez
Software Version v 5.1 by Nicola Chan, Nikolas Kourtis & Pui Quan Choi
1936 by Havi Navarro
The Toxic Asset Horror Cabinet by Hannes Frykholm, Nick Roberts & Henry Stephens
On The Road by Kostis Ktistakis
Bodies In Digital Systems by Will Fu
The Valley Of Giants by Eric Randall Morris & Galo Canizares
Ink-Soaked Boy by Mark Morris & Neil Spiller
Parisian Lullaby by Hagai Ben Naim
Chat/SMS by Olalekan Jeyifous
Home by Pyline Tangsuvanich & Libo Li
Bearchitecture by Ivana Radmanovac & Iva Bekic
End by Chanel Dehond
The Favela Of Unspace by Heron Mazy Studio - J.P. Maruszczak, Roger Connah & Ryan Manning
Entangled City by Eoghan Horgan & Kieran Cremin
A Flat Tale by Jana Culek

If you have already pre-ordered the book you're good to go. If your shipping address has changed since your order, let us know your new address by responding to this email.

The 4th Annual Fairy Tales competition will launch soon. Start sharpening those pencils!

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