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Call for Entries: CICA Book and Journal Awards 2017

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Call for Entries: CICA Book and Journal Awards 2017

CICA/International Committee of Architectural Critics calls for entries and invites publishers, editors, curators and authors to submit their publications for consideration for the 9th CICA Awards 2017 by 30th March 2017. Award winners will be announced during the UIA XXVI World Congress of Architecture to be held in Seoul from September 3rd to 10th, 2017.

The Awards fall into three categories: 

Bruno Zevi CICA Book Award 2017: For published books on architectural criticism, theory and history 

Pierre Vago CICA Award 2017:  For an article of architectural criticism for individual, institutional or society magazines, newspapers and journals 

Julius Posener CICA Exhibition Catalogue Award 2017: For a critical text, preface or introduction published in an exhibition catalogue or supporting publication produced for an architectural exhibition

Award Parameters 

Publications issued between March 2014 and March 2017 are eligible for submission in any or all three categories. All material submitted for consideration by the Jury must be original, free of any copyright issues and as published (manuscripts or proof are not acceptable). 

Five copies of each publication are to be submitted to the addresses below. Publications cannot be returned. Award winning items may be displayed at the UIA Congress. The verdicts of the International Jury are final. 

Who is eligible? 

Books, journals and catalogues can be submitted by publishers, editors, curators and authors. A shortlist will be announced on or before the 1st of July 2017 and the category winners during the UIA XXVI World Congress of Architecture. The sender must indicate to which the category he is submitting the publication. 

Address for Submissions 

Copies of all submissions should be sent or delivered (only in print) at the publisher’s or author’s own expense by 30th March 2017 to: 

Prof. Dr. Manuel Cuadra / CICA Awards 2017 

Universität Kassel / Fachbereich 6: Architektur 

Gottschalkstrasse 30 

D-34127 Kassel / Germany

For further information contact:
Prof. Dr. Manuel Cuadra – [email protected] 

The Jury: 

Joseph Rykwert (USA/UK) 

Manuel Cuadra (Germany) 

Sengül Gür (Turkey) 

Louise Noelle (Mexico) 

Li Xiangning (China) 


The International Committee of Architectural Critics CICA has, since it was established in Mexico City in 1978, been closely associated with the World Congresses of the International Union of Architects. 2011 is no exception and a CICA session is being planned for the UIA Congress to be held in Seoul. 

The inaugural meeting of CICA was held in the Joan Miró Foundation in July 1979 when Bruno Zevi (Rome) was elected the first CICA President with Pierre Vago (France), Dennis Sharp (UK) Julius Posener (Germany) and Jorge Glusberg (Argentina) as Directors. 

The current President is Joseph Rykwert and CICA Board Members are François Chaslin (France), Manuel Cuadra (Germany), Louise Noelle Gras (Mexico), Suha Ozkan (Turkey) and Yasmin Shariff (UK). 

CICA has held critical sessions since, in Warsaw, Cairo, Brighton, Rome, Vienna, Sydney, Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris, New York, London, Gelsenkirchen, Beijing, Berlin, Rio, Buenos Aires, Kuwait, Vancouver, Torino, Tokyo and Durban. 

On the CICA Awards 

The CICA Book Awards were re-established in 2005 with the names of the three founding members. 

Previous CICA Awards have included the following works:
1980: Manfredi Nicoletti, for L’Architettura della caverna (Bari 1980).
1985: Alan Colquhoun, for Modern Architecture and Historical Change (MIT Press 1981).
1987: Roger Connah, for Writing Architecture: Fantomas Fragments Fictions (Rakennuskirja 1989).
2005: Dalibor Vesely, for Architecture in the Age of Divided Representation (MIT Press, 2004).
2008: Murray Fraser with Joe Kerr, for Architecture and the ‘Special Relationship’: The American Influence on Post- War British Architecture (Routledge 2007).
2011: Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani for Die Stadt im 20. Jahrhundert. Visionen, Entwürfe, Gebautes (Wagenbach 2010) 

Awards for Critical Journalism and for catalogue prefaces have been made, among others, to the following writers, teachers and critics: William Curtis, Peter Davey, Arthur Drexler, James Marston Fitch, Kenneth Frampton, Heinrich Klotz, Jean François Lejeune, Henry Vicente Garrido, Aydan Balamir, Abilio Guerra, Paul Larmour, Shane O’Toole, Roberto Segre and Rowan Moore. 

Top image: Theory 22 conference with Manfredo Tafuri as part of the 22 Practice Theory and Politics in Architecture 22-lecture series organized by Diana Agrest Spring 1974. Image courtesy of The Charnel-House.

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