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Richard Meier & Partners completes 3 new buildings featuring different façade palette in Newark

United States - Feb 17, 2017 - 21:57   6131 views

Richard Meier & Partners Architects has completed a serious of Workforce Housing Buildings in Newark, New Jersey, which creates a harmonic façade palette in downtown Newark, located in the south of Market Street and in the west of Broad Street. Richard Meier & Partners Architects' new buildings now provide 123 residential units and a variety of retail spaces. 

The new buildings follow the completion of the two charter schools built in 2013. The studio developed six new buildings within the Teachers Village project,  a mixed-use development by RBH Group, all of the Richard Meier & Partners buildings have been designed with open interior spaces full of natural light. The office uses brick, glass, composite aluminium panels to as major building materials, which are all integrated in a harmonious character and appearance. 

Entrance to the charter schools. Image © Paul Rivera

Richard Meier's new characteristic structures encompass six new buildings, including Workforce Housing, three Charter Schools, an early childhood leaning center, and small to mid-scale retail located along Halsey Street between Branford and Pearl Streets. Sustainable design, new landscaping and streetscape improvements are integral to the goal of creating an exemplary development for a flourishing community in Newark. Five of the building have been completed and occupied, and the sixth and final residential building will open this spring.

Aeriel view of the new Teachers Village. Image © Tekten

''We have worked closely with Richard Meier & Partners Architects over the past decade to design not only these three outstanding mixed-use buildings in Teachers Village, but also the two school buildings of Teachers Village as well as the catalytic SoMa master plan that will transform Newark’s critical retail corridors in and around Market Street,'' said Ron Beit, President and CEO of RBH Group LLC. 

Halsey Steet facade detail. Image © Scott Frances

''The hard work of Richard, Vivian Lee and Dukho Yeon on this project, and their careful attention to detail and the long-term sustainability of this project are a testimony to their professionalism and commitment to setting a high standard for design and livability in the heart of downtown Newark.''

''It was the brilliance of our partner Nicolas Berggruen who made the introduction to Richard and insisted that we adhere to international quality design to reflect our global aspirations for the City of Newark,'' Ron Beit added.

Entrance detail to the charter schools and connecting bridge. Image © Paul Rivera

Richard Meier & Partners Architects conceived each new building as site specific and designed relative to its context. Street façade heights are regulated in accordance with the Newark Living Downtown Plan. The new Halsey Street retail corridor is at the heart of the development and offers a mix of venues for a vibrant street life. 

Residential Building VI south facade detail. Image © Scott Frances

The residential spaces and schools are designed with generous windows that are open to the light and activity of the streets below. As required by the Newark Living Downtown Plan, all of the new building fronts facing Halsey Street are four-stories tall, not exceeding 18 meter (60-feet) in height. As permitted by zoning regulations, the buildings are setback from Halsey Street.

''Teachers Village is one important component of several new development initiatives in New Jersey, and the construction of all these new buildings reflects our commitment to the revitalization of downtown Newark,'' said Richard Meier.

Rooftop and playground area at the charter schools. Image © Paul Rivera

''Natural light has been a very important consideration and all the different apartments, classrooms and retail spaces will be full of natural light with various views to the neighborhood. Light touches every component and all the interiors of the various buildings bringing everything into a harmonious whole,'' Meier added.

Skylight and bridge detail at the charter schools. Image © Paul Rivera

Teachers Village is one of the first developments in America to pursue the LEED Neighborhood Development designation by the US Green Building Council, indicating that the project meets the highest levels of sustainable design and that the neighborhood integrates the principles of smart growth, urbanism and green building strategies. 

Former parking lots are transformed into a sustainable new neighborhood that offers its teacher residents opportunities to live near where they work and to experience high-quality healthy living in an affordable, safe environment downtown. 

Southwest corner of Residential Building I from Halsey Street. Image © Scott Frances

The development is conveniently located to benefit from Newark’s efficient public transportation system, from extensive local and regional bus lines to a short walk to the Washington Street light rail and Newark Penn Station, hub for NJTRANSIT, AMTRAK trains and PATH train service to Manhattan.

Sunset view of the charter schools and the residential building along Halsey Street looking North. Image © Scott Frances

''Teachers Village is a unique addition to our office’s design portfolio as these buildings have all together created a new community and neighborhood. We are proud to be part of the RBH team, in achieving an incredible development vision that will deliver both a social and economic impact to Newark’s downtown district. With already a changing environment in this area with the schools, housing and businesses for Teachers Village, we look forward to continuing our effort in further contributing to future phases of this development, transforming and enhancing a part of the urban fabric,'' said Vivian Lee, Associate Partner-in-Charge.

View looking south and entrance to the Residential Building Vi and the charter schools on Halsey Street. Image © Scott Frances

Teachers Village will restore a sense of place by activating the streetscape, along Halsey Street and William Street, attracting residents, students, and visitors to this dynamic new community and to the existing cultural, entertainment and educational infrastructure with institutions such as the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the NJ Historical Society, Newark Museum, the main branch of the Newark Public Library and the Prudential Center Arena. Access to open space for Teachers Village residents includes proximity to three city parks and community gardens.

View of gymnasium and school at night. Image © Paul Rivera

Dukho Yeon, Associate Partner-in-Charge, comments: ''We are especially proud to realize this project that we envisioned together with RBH group many years ago with modest means but ambitious goals; with architecture that is sensitive to context but purposeful in creating generous living spaces for teachers, and a vibrant new neighborhood in downtown Newark.''

View of Residential Building VI and VII from Washington Street. Image © Scott Frances

Apartment view. Image © Tekten

Apartment view. Image © Tekten

Apartment view. Image © Tekten

Interior detail of apartment on Residential Building VII. Image © Scott Frances

Main circulation stairs between the charter schools. Image © Paul Rivera

Teachers Village Sustainability Diagram-Building. Image © Richard Meier & Partners

Teachers Village Sustainability Diagram-Site. Image © Richard Meier & Partners

Teachers Village Site Plan. Image © Richard Meier & Partners

Teachers Village First Floor Plan. Image © Richard Meier & Partners

Teachers Village East Elevation. Image © Richard Meier & Partners

Teachers Village West Eelevation. Image © Richard Meier & Partners

Teachers Village South Elevation. Image © Richard Meier & Partners

Presentation model illustrating Teachers Village and the immediate context. Image © Scott Frances

Richard Meier is one of World Architecture Community's first Members (since 2007). Richard Meier recently completed apartments and headquarters of Engel & Völkers on the Hamburg's Elbe River and new Leblon Offices in Rio De Janeiro. 

Project facts

Architect: Richard Meier & Partners

Associate Partners: Vivian Lee and Dukho Yeon

Project Architects: Ananth Sampathkumar and Chris Townsend 

Project Developer: Ron Beit, President  & CEO the RBH Group

Team: Techan Abe, Jonathan Bell, Remy Bertin, Joseph T. DeSense III, Gil Even-Tsur, Simone Ferracina, Adam Greene, Zheng Huang, Scott Johnson, Katie Kasabalis, Brandt Knapp, Aki Koike, Aung Kyaw, Chris Layda, Dongkyu Lee, Ian Lotto, Diana Lui, Alexander Maymind, Marianna Mello, Hyung Sok Moon, Guillermo Murcia, Stefan Scheiber-Loeis, Hee-Joo Shi.

Location: Newark, New Jersey

Major Building Materials: Brick, Glass, Composite Aluminum Panels, Stucco Plaster and EIFS

Program: Schools, Residential and Retail

Floors: 5 to 6 levels above grade and basement level

Floor Area: Teachers Village Charter Schools | 230 Halsey Street: 104,000 sq ft

Teachers Village Building 1: 35 Maiden Lane: 30,770 sq ft

Teachers Village 6: 243 Halsey Street: 95,030 sq ft

Teachers Village Building 7: 42 William Street: 65,670 sq ft

Top image: Residential Building VII north facade detail and entrance. Image © Scott Frances

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