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Changing Face of Multiplex in India

India Architecture News - Nov 13, 2019 - 16:27   14211 views

Changing Face of Multiplex in India

Since the past few years, the multiplex revolution has been following an organic trajectory in India. The increase in demand for an upgraded motion-pictures experience has been evident in the country. Hence, all the consortiums in the entertainment sector endeavour to confer a powerful revelation in the multiplex industry. From small single-screened theatres to extravagant multiplexes, the industry has turned movie-watching into an experience.

There were times when theatres were not family spaces. With subdued halls, dilapidated and ill-ventilated buildings, excruciating seating space and unhygienic food counters and private spaces, a sizable chunk of the population remained alienated from cinema theatres.

Image PVR ICON courtesy of PVR Ltd.

ivpartners, being one of the pioneers and game-changers for the multiplex transformation over the past decade, have also constantly scrutinized the sphere. They concur with the idea of, cinema is a religion for our country, which aspires individuals from different economic strata to have a strong association with it. Hence, the world of motion pictures also influences lifestyles and encourage people to evolve with the changing face of society. As more and more multiplexes become home to many pathbreaking and exceptional content playing for the larger than life experience, it has become the responsibility of a designer to get out of the convention and deliver experiential spaces with a new-fangled approach.

Image ICON Playhouse courtesy of PVR Ltd.

It is also prime for such architecture works to stand the test of time and cater to the requirements of its patrons at least a decade in the running. ivpartners who have been associated with nearly 500 screens in the multiplex industry have achieved this by evolving and moving to change with every new facility. The new ICON Cinema located in Goregaon, Mumbai, is a true illustration of delightful luxurious experience serving the functional regime at its best. The design approach was to make a strong signature statement in the world of multiplexes. The walkthrough of the multiplex begins at a pre-function area which encompasses a branding wall configured with large seamless LED, playing dynamic media and movie promotions. The concept behind is to disseminate the idea of the cutting edge new tech being employed in the actual auditoria at the entrance itself through smart technology.

Today, in the digital era, multiplex phenomenon replete with online ticket booking, flexible show timings, comfortable recliners, latest sound and projection technology and endless food and beverage options delivered straight to your seat. Keeping in mind the new-age design trends, designers these days are incorporating ‘cybertecture’ and fabricating establishments that can communicate through technology.

Image INOX INSIGNIA courtesy of Arvind Hoon

In February 2018, Chromed Design Studio came up with a multiplex, located at Epicuria- Nehru Place, New Delhi. The design of this INOX is circumscribed around the innovate Art Deco Movement infused with elegant styling and opulent elements. Being the first standalone theatre commissioned by the brand, it represents an explicit statement through its sophistication of design and flamboyant symbolism. The ideology has been amplified by a subtle appreciation of the modernity of machine and machine-made objects by allowing the product to represent symmetry. In a nutshell, it can be described as a project showcasing ‘a contemporary take on traditional principles’.

Image INOX INSIGNIA courtesy of Arvind Hoon

Multiplex is a perfect blend of food and beverage, commercial and hospitality experience which is worth savouring. General public being the end-user of this regime, it is not restricted to any particular segment, rather, it caters to the spectrum of society which tends to have an experience out of everything. The right approach is to understand the perception of the patronage and establish a breath-taking experience, bringing together contemporary trends, also catering to the cultural and subcultural contexts of our society. 

Title image: IMAX courtesy of PVR Ltd.

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