Q19 is the name of an attractive shopping center the charm of which lies in the fusion of old and new: the historically protected Samum paper factory at the northern end of the well-known Karl-Marx-Hof in Viennas 19th district is linked to a new construction. Advertising, fassade and an integrated forecourt unify into an urban public space. Clients make their way through different exciting rooms, in which the interplay of daily and artificial light create a kind of city center atmosphere.

Planning - Realisation: 1999 - 2005
Location: Vienna
Client: DHP Immobilien GesmbH
Job: Shopping Center
Collaborator: Martin Franzmair, Andreas Falbesoner, Andreas Mikula, Roland Schweiger, Peter Larcher, Karin Leitner, Paul Burgstaller, Marcel Ködderitzsch, Stephanie von Krempelhuber
Size of the order: 51.000.000 euro
Fotos: Pia Odorizzi, Franz Ebner
Rendering: Peter Larcher


franz ebner

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