TS1 is located on a square in the heart of a new commercial neighborhood in Porto Cervo, one of the most renewed and expensive tourist sites on the Costa Smeralda, on the island of Sardinia.
For these reasons and considering the fact of high renting prices, TS1, temporary store 1, is a space conceived as a promotion and selling location based on the idea of short term and seasonal retail.
The space can host commercial products on very large range, from clothes to high tech equipment, furniture and cars.
The store, 3 hundred square meters is designed as a minimal and discrete environment in order to be used in different ways, by different sellers and promoters. The walls are left of their original concrete consistence and color and a sand color is used for the floor and the furniture that defines the exhibition areas of the merchandise. The furniture shapes and distribution are very simple and limit their function to support in an elegant but almost neutral way the different commercial presences.
TS1 is developed on three levels with a reception point on the ground floor and a bar and relax area on the second floor. All the floors are anyway destined to the exhibition and selling functions.
The architectural language and the materials {concrete, resin and steel} used for this project are modern and contemporary.
TS1 will host several of the most important firms in the fashion, the technology and the leisure field.