Courtyard Villa is a double storey private residence with a 447 sqm construction area in Aktau, Kazakhstan. The main idea of the villa is to use nature’s components to separate the functions concerning service and living.
The central courtyard is the main element of nature that is utilized for spatial configuration. The volumes containing service and living spaces frame the courtyard from its long sides. The two connecting corridors frame the courtyard from its short sides. The courtyard opens to the surrounding landscape via transparent façades of these corridors.
At the ground floor; the living room and the dining room are set apart from the kitchen through this inner courtyard. At the upper floor, the four bedrooms are detached from the service areas with this way as well.
The volume harbouring the bedrooms is a cantilevered structure covered with a seamless metal sheet. The rest of the units are covered with travertine. The cantilevered structure differentiates itself by means of material selection.
The openable glass façade blur the distinction between the inside and outside spaces and enhance the integration of nature into architecture. Sun shading elements of the terrace and the skylight of the study room are the other elements that are used for sustaining and controlling natural light aside from the glass facades. Deciduous landscape elements are selected to obtain daylight to the interiors during winter season and shade during summer season.
The glass façade, coupled with the façade of the main entrance, creates a perspectival depth for the onlooker that observes the building from the pool area. The inner courtyard interrupts this depth and helps in developing a phenomenal transparency in which this perspective is experienced in layers.


Total construction area: 447 sqm
Total landscape area: 418 sqm
Land area: 870 sqm

Kerem Yazgan
Begüm Yazgan
Kamer Sağlam Yiğin
Aylin Köse
Selin Tosun

Courtyard Villa by Yazgan Design Architecture in Kazakhstan won the WA Award Cycle 40. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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