A boutique mall dedicated to cater high-quality home appliances and a food and drinks supermarket comprised of several spaces, with a high-standard selection of products and brands unique to Kazakhstan. The interior design proposal for the grocery store is based around providing a better shopping experience for customers and let the gastronomic selection speak for itself, highlighting the gourmet qualities of the products sold in the market in a modern appearance and a neutral palette. The design concept seeks to create a luxurious atmosphere supported by crafty materials like stone and wood, clean, contemporary lines and by using a palette formed of neutral colors which fill the space with light.

The Colibri brand was seeking for a cozy, friendly and family-oriented atmosphere for their clients, something which the interior design achieves by applying a comprehensive and coherent layout to this large space, where all the regional and international products are clearly on display in a fuss-free ambience which sets this gourmet market apart from the traditional supermarket design.

Wood, white ceramic tiles and stone are the main materials employed to exhibit the colorful array of products in a clean, minimalistic way, with interesting details like latticed woodwork in the ceiling. Spaciousness is another key feature of the supermarket, and an industrial feel has been applied by exposing pipes and ventilation units. The space is comprehensively divided into different sections which lack of physical divisions to make the shopping experience a practical and most importantly, a pleasurable one.



Program: Residential