Located on Reem Island with fantastic views to the marina, Reem Mall is the shopping, entertainment and food destination for the high-end residential developments of Hazaa bin Zayed Street and Al Reem Island. The interior design concept draws inspiration from elements of the local landscape like salt and the salt mangrove, reflected in materials like glass and metal, and the patterns and organic shapes which characterize this salt-tolerant shrub. The program of the mall includes the interior design development for all public spaces inside the mall: circulation spaces, food courts, prayer room, public toilets and administration offices.

This notion allows to create a unique interior space based on the beauty of the context where the development is located. The north side of the mall accentuates the connection to Reem Island Bridge through the sharp angles which join the different levels, creating a dynamic effect which is highlighted by the patterned glass ceiling. The south side overlaps volumes by dividing the space into individual crystals which orientate visitors through the interconnected spaces. This transition is overlapped, reinforced by layers of paving patterns and materials.

The Mangrove Atrium, the heart of the mall, is the largest open space, programmed to host different events and acts as the main access point from the parking levels situated above ground. On the top floor, the Mangrove Food Court evoques the mangrove forest with patterned columns in shades of green and blue which emerge like trees, with two skylines that fill the space with natural light.



Program: Shopping Mall